Hola panda bears,

Last time I wrote a post about money and financial freedom, it really hit a chord with ya’ll. I’m glad we’re talking about this stuff. It’s important and it changes the world.

So let’s talk about another money issue: what to do when you hit a money block.

How to deal with uplevelling growth pains

Women experience this often in business.

As your business takes leaps, you may find yourself freaking out and intensely uncomfortable.

Sometimes you then subconsciously sabotage it by going on a big spending spree just to get rid of the extra money so you can feel “normal” again, or you attract massive bills so you can go back to your old money story.

When you get to this point, it’s really useful to recognise you are experiencing a growth pain.

Whenever your income goes up (or is about to go up), you will experience uplevelling growth pains. All of a sudden, you’ll be struck down with your subconscious fears and insecurities about what it means to earn that next level of money. Your buttons will get pressed. It can be difficult to make the leap. You will hit your own glass ceiling.

I’ve done this many, many, many times. Probably AT LEAST once a year since I started in business!

I did it last month in fact – when we made close to $400 000 in a month. It pressed every button of mine that I was greedy, undeserving, selfish and that it was “too much”. I really had to work through those feelings and hidden beliefs to become the custodian of the real truth that I am a good money custodian, and that having that abundance meant I could do some wonderful philanthropy as well as setting up financial security for my family.

And I know I’m not alone in my money freakout – many of my successful entrepreneur sisters have shared their stories with me of their own personal money freakouts about growth.

Recognise these thoughts?

It sounds hilarious – because you think “WHO WOULD FREAK OUT ABOUT EARNING MORE MONEY?” – but when you get to that point, all of a sudden your unconscious beliefs bubble to the surface. Thoughts like:

  • “Who am I to earn this much money?”
  • “This is too much!”
  • “I don’t know what to do with it all!”
  • “If I earn this amount… that means I am a selfish rich pig”
  • “If I earn this amount… my friends will think I’m an asshole”
  • “It’s not safe for me to earn more money”

These feelings aren’t the truth.

You need to work through those feelings to get to the other side of your personal glass ceiling… which feels more aligned, abundant, expansive and possible.

Here’s an action plan for dealing with the uplevelling growth pains:

1. Connect with women on the same path

Reach out to other business sisters + share what’s going on for you. This is the power of having a mastermind group!

Make sure you are reaching out to people who are on the same path as you. It may not be helpful at all for you to share about it with family or friends who aren’t used to abundant thinking – they likely have the same subconscious limiting beliefs as you!

When I was struggling, I turned to my mastermind (which has women who earn 6 and 7 figures), and let them know what was coming up for me. They all shared times it had happened for them, what they did to shift it, and they let me know they weren’t going to see me stay stuck behind my own glass ceiling. Being that visible in my struggle and so beautifully supported was a real gift.

Celebrate your successes with your women sisters, and get used to being surrounded by that kind of wonderful uplifting energy.

Put time and energy into cultivating your connections with your mastermind group. I try and spend as much time as I can supporting other mastermind sisters (which helps my own business brain grow), and it means I get plentiful support when I need some insight!

Having a mastermind group makes a marked difference on your mindset!

2. Clear it out energetically

Work with an intuitive healer or kinesiologist to shift the money blocks you are coming up against.

This usually works quicker than going the traditional therapy route (though that can be useful too).

If you find your healer or kinesiologist has their own money blocks, you might have to find another one! (I recommend Hiro + Kerry above because I know they are powerful + actively work on expanding their own mindset!)

3. Safety List

Write a list of what you think needs to shift in order for you to feel safe again. Sometimes the things that niggle at us and freak us out can be solved with simple changes. Making practical business system changes to allay your fears is actually really powerful.

For example:

  • if you’re feeling concerned about your personal privacy being violated as you grow bigger, you can do a security audit to see what personal information you’ve got online.
  • if you worry about not having enough time to take care of everything, you might like to consider getting more team support with a VA or staff member and automating tasks wherever possible.
  • if you worry about what your family will do if you kark it, talk to a financial planner about insurance and a financial plan for security.
  • if you worry about being selfish, work out what it would take to feel like a good custodian of money, and how much cash you want to allocate to philanthropy.

Your true destiny

You are a good person.
You deserve good always in all ways.
And abundance is just one of them.

Let’s keep clearing our money blocks and stepping into our destiny as powerful creators in this world.

With love, joy, abundance + spirit,