* Getting my shoes absolutely soaked through

from walking in the rain.

* The Daily Guru’s Message of the Day:

“The people I see moving through the

new wave of spiritual energy

over the next ten to twenty years are not the people

who have a long list of diplomas and degrees,

but the people who know how to unlearn everything

that society has taught them.

The process of unlearning will make room for the

Universal Knowledge of God

to be instilled upon them.

God needs an empty slate upon which to write.

At the moment, our slates are full of information

which has little or no benefit to help save us

from the hole we are in.

This Knowledge comes to an individual who has

emptied their mind of useless clutter,

because the mind has become the main obstacle

to receiving Gods Inspiration and Love.

If your mind is full, your heart cannot receive

that which is being sent to it from up above.

The mind is the barrier.

It takes all the heavenly signals that come from a

higher place and distorts it.”

* Learning about the creative sides of my workmates –

what a delightful surprise!

* An email from Emelisa

* A Kinder Surprise ~ chocolate with a toy in it ~

a surprise from our new workmate

* Rainy days

* A new journal with purple, pink, cream, lime pages…

a place to be lost in

* RADII – revolutions in online writing

* “The hope that is left after all your hopes are gone —

that is pure hope, rooted in the heart.”

– David Steindl-Rast Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer