Hi possums,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve taken much of the last year off social media + blogging.

My intention originally was to just take a month off because I felt so burnt out, but by the end of the month, I realised it was feeling too good and sweet and right to let go of.

What followed was a year of diving deep into homeschooling, family time and getting to know myself outside of social media rhythms.

I made you a wee video to share about my experiences:

Not a complete transcript by any means, but some notes, if you are video-adverse!

  • It was nourishing and lovely in all kinds of ways.
  • Freed up a LOT of time + brain space – time I devoted to my kids and homeschooling instead which was a brilliant decision, and I’m so glad I did it.
  • I experienced much less anxiety – I didn’t go to sleep or waking up worrying about dealing with the latest internet drama llama.
  • I realised how grateful I was I’ve created businesses that do not rely on social media presence + instead can generate a sustainable income because of my mailing list and recurring income.
  • I discovered that I want to share a lot less about my family and respect their privacy more.
  • I enjoyed creating a business behind the scenes… it felt great to experience not being so public facing.
  • And I also missed blogging! I missed sharing and connecting especially.
  • I feel the energy of creativity returning again, and wishing to share more. Now I can create again, on my own terms and doing it all my own way.
  • Social media isn’t going away, but we can choose our relationship to it and how it works for YOU.

Hope this is useful to you.

With love and gentleness,