G’day gorgeous souls,

Yesterday I published this article :: How My Soul Purpose Is Changing (+ How It Affects You).

There’s been such a beautiful response from you who deeply resonated with it… I loved hearing such words as “It’s funny how you are evolving in exactly the same direction as me and what I am needing.” That made my heart sing, and the chant of yes, yes, yes grow louder.

AND I also sensed that some lovely souls are feeling uncertainty.

As in:

what does this mean?

what is changing?

what is not?

I thought it would be useful for me to answer those questions to bring even more lovely clarity in.



  • I’m still a Leonie. I’m still into all things hippy, mermaid, crystal, goddess, soul + rainbow. I still parse everything through my spirit-meter before it enters my life. I’ll still be gigglesnorting, writing inspirational stuff, swearing just a wee bit + talking about unicorns.
  • I will still be writing about my life, my journey… as honestly + vulnerably as I always have.
  • I will still talk art, healing, soul, mamahood, love + life wherever I am called to. I can’t stem the words that wish to pour forth. I’ve always written whenever I am guided by my divine muse, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  • The Goddess Circle will still exist, thrive + grow. I see it as a one stop shop for transforming your life on every single level — health, home, happiness, inner peace + business. I regard it as the Complete Life Uplift resource pack at a very generous price with an incredible community (almost 3000(!) women).



  • There will be more articles + videos aimed specifically at helping women create + grow incredible businesses with their gifts.
  • I’ll be offering more intensive programs + coaching outside of the Goddess Circle for women who are ready to invest in themselves + their businesses to take it to the next level.


Hope this helps and brings comfort, clarity + understanding to you.




THIS provides more wisdom than I can ever say…

I can’t even say why, but this is my totem animal right now:



It makes me gigglesnort every.time. I look at it.

Reminds me of that kid’s rhyme:

We’re going on an adventure! We’re off to catch a big one!


And we totally are.


with bucketloads of love + joy,