Making my first 12seconds video on

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

So much to share. So much to do. It will happen. It is happening.

For today, here’s me & Charlie the Healer Dog’s first 12 seconds video.

Tomorrow… there will be more.

But for now, I’m giving myself the rest of the night off. Time to hug on Charlie some more, stare besotted at God Chris, watch a doggy romance movie, and curl up with my favourite magazine, freshly arrived from the states.

Right now, the Goddess inside me is asking for rest.

What can you do to celebrate the Goddess inside you today?

Big love, & joy!

Oh! P.S. For the gorgeous goddesses who asked! I meant to put this in in the last post – the amazing Spirit Portrait that sits on my desk is done by my incredible friend and tipi drumming buddy Jule. She is a deeply talented, gifted and wise soul, and is an amazing mama to a deeply talented, gifted and wise soul too (Hi Molly!)  Jule and Molly came along to one of my Day of Delight Retreats a few months ago after many moons emailing each other. We adored each other from the first hug, and spent the night before the retreat drumming in a tipi and hanging out in an old sheep shed talking about fairies. It was perfect.

Anyway, I commissioned Jule to create a pastel spirit portrait for me. When I unfolded it, my first words were “Holy crap!” I showed God Chris and his first words were “Holy crap!” Everything about her artwork is beautiful, and layered with so much meaning for me. It’s like remembering parts of myself in her artwork.

Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.