me, my dear friend debra, gorgeous gaby (cali poppy) & redsonja

when goddesses unite,
we do extraordinary, marvellous things.
even when they are small and ordinary,
a certain mystery and magic flickers beneath the service of the everyday.

after our ceremony at hanging rock, we returned home to my waiting lover & partner, Chris, who was cooking up a storm fit for goddesses!

it was an evening filled with sushi and wine, giggles and stories of oblong objects. good food, and gorgeous goddesses, and a hunky god servant.

me & chris

we laughed. and we laughed.
we celebrated my wedding. and we celebrated being together. and we celebrated for all that we are.

gaby and sonya… we wore our fairy crowns most of the weekend

by the time deb left, we all knew each other far, far too intimately.

gabs, deb, sonya, me

i got far too excitable.

sonya & charlie dog fell in love.

life doesn’t get any better than this…


sonya and gaby were woken by a bed buddy
can you see how much charlie adores his aunty sun?

then it was off to the markets…

we relish our churros & matching pink beanies!

and then on to soiree around the canberra sights {read: good places for spontaneous photo shoots}

darling sonya

us laughing hysterically…

she just looked like an angel up there…

goddess groupies on the grass

i get tired, so sun offers me a piggy back

we returned home to create creative havoc in my studio by creating collaged dreamboards

my finished dreamboard…



i love how magical they are… and how they are intertwined through shared imagery, and memories.

that night we ate pizza and drank sangria.
we talked about the next time we would meet again.
they hid secret messages around my house to find after they had left {the most precious ones are in the toilet room!}

the next morning, they left…
and i miss them fiercely. i keep hearing gaby’s laugh. keep seeing sonya’s face.

but it was worth it. you know you’ve had a good time when you miss them as soon as you see their waving hands drive out of sight.

thank you, my precious women,
for the funniest, loveliest, most magical weekend.
i love you both dearly.