Panda bears…

People have been asking, so I’m here to answer!

YES! I changed the name of the 2021 goal workbooks… here’s why from the creator’s perspective!

The goals workbooks have had about 5 names over the last 11 years now… I’m definitely someone who likes to experiment and play around.

They were originally Create Your Goddess Year, then Create Your Incredible Year, Create Your Amazing Year, My Shining Year and now Goal Getter.

There’s a few reasons I thought I’d try Goal Getter out – the biggest issue is that nobody could remember My Shining Year. I’d get interviewed on a lot of podcasts, and most people would ummm and ahhhh and call it “shining goals” or say “I can’t remember their name” and mostly would default to just calling it “your goal workbooks.”

So from a branding perspective, it just wasn’t working.

I wanted to find a title that was concise and helped people understand straight away what the workbooks were for. I wanted to try a name change to see if it would help people understand what the workbooks are, and how they work immediately and
hopefully remember the name easily.

I get that when I make changes it’s not always going to resonate with everybody.

I’m happy to keep playing and experimenting to find what works for my vision of the books.

So for this year, and probably next… they are Goal Getter. Will they be called that forever? WHO KNOWS! That’s the joy of experimenting, playing & seeing what works for right now.

Hope this makes sense… sending you all so much love and gladness!

Now let’s go make our dreams come true!

Big love,

P.S. You can find them at just to make it easy for you!