My dearest is the kind who reads Social Psychology textbooks for fun, and who psychoanalyses as a hobby. I don’t mind, because I find lying on a couch very comfortable, and it lets me get undivided attention from him. WIN WIN!

Anyways! Hee!

Here’s the convo we had:

“Hon, how many goals do you have?”

“Well, there’s 100 personal goals for this year, and another 150 personal goals for my life… and then 150 business goals I am working on this year… but those don’t include my monthly income goals… or the weekly goals about what I want to create…”

“Right. Okay. Right. I see.”

I can see in his eyes he didn’t really expect my answer to be in the triple digits.

He’s silent for a while. And then:

“Hon, you do realise the average person has 15 GOALS OR LESS???”

At this point, I laugh hysterically.

“15??? HA! HAHAHAHAHA! But you know, when you think about it,  I do get a lot more done than most people. There’s probably a correlation there. I’m very discerning about what I want in my life. And I make it happen.”

He is silent for a while.

I think I’ve awed him into silenced. That, or he’s pondering what to make us for dinner. I never really know. He keeps me in suspense, that dude.

But I’ve kept thinking about it.

Kept thinking about the average person’s goals + why I have so many.

And here’s what I’ve come up with:

I’m ding dang passionate about my visions + making them come true.

And I love correlating what works + what doesn’t.

I’m a devotee of my dreams, and thus I’m a goddess of my goals.

And I KNOW that when I write down my goals (aka the map of how to make my dreams come true)… they come true quicker + with more certainty.

So it’s pretty obvious why I’m such a massive ra-ra-cheerleader of the goals!

There’s a certain magic that comes from having goals + writing them down.

If I decide to do anything, I write it down + make it achievable.

It’s the difference between driving from New York to LA with your iPhone maps app in hand… and deciding you want to drive to LA but not even taking a damn map. What’s going to get you there quicker and with less frustration?

The story gets even more severe when you don’t even decide that you want to go to LA. You don’t decide where you want to go at all. So you just get in your car and drive around aimlessly, not really sure what you’re looking for – and not really finding it either.

Goals are the destination and they are the map to get you there.

I reckon ya gotta have them – and what’s more ya gotta make your goals achievable.

How do you make goals achievable?

Instead of wishy washy goals of “I want to spend time with my love”, I write down “I want to have 20 date nights with my husband this year.” And when it comes to releasing new programs, I don’t say “I want a successful launch”, I say “I want to find the 300 people who are needing this.”

Wishy washy goals are ones you can’t ever tick off as being DONE. There’s a lack of certainty about whether you’ve arrived or not.

Achievable goals are tick-off-able and doable. That’s what ya need.

Goals keeps my actions in line with my intentions.

Once I know numbers, I can work out HOW to make those numbers happen.

And guess what? Sure as shit, they do come true. When you get so super clear on what you want to create + make those goals a part of your daily practice… of course it’s going to happen!

The point of all THIS is…

Have you written down your goals for this year, this month, this week? Have you started your 2019 My Shining Year goals workbooks yet? Have you got a list of your dreams? Is the path from where you are right now to where you want to be written down, mapped out + on its way?

Put your actions where your intention are…

and see your dreams manifest into reality.

That’s what it takes.

To create everything you want.

Let’s do this, possum. We can make ANYTHING happen!