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a scrumptious weekend
yesterday it was the rainiest day of the year,
the sky hung heavy pinned to grey cumulonimbus bosoms.
i was achy and exhausted from my big week…
but we had “Things To Do” and errands to run in the rain.

So we walked together under the red umbrella, with arms around each other.
Or we ran madly in the rain, giggling. Feeling crazy and young and free. And incredibly wet.

We also had a YAY TEAM US moment!
We decided we needed a new couch: Charlie and Chris both like to l~o~u~n~g~e out, belly up, leaving lil Leonie squished in the corner. So we ended up testing out $3 000 leather lounges with double recliner actions and armchairs. Thankfully, before we signed our lives away to consumer debt and luxuriated asses, we sat quietly with ourselves before realising that we really didn’t want to spend travel and adventure money on a couch. No matter how reclineable it was.
So we walked {in the rain} down the road to the cheap and cheerful place.
And we got ourselves the most scrumptious “sorbet lime” coloured couch for an even more scrumptious $300. It is GREEN, lurid green
and absolutely, perfectly what we wanted.
thus the importance of listening to what your insides say,
and trusting in lime divine.

today we decided to take a road trip up into the alpine country ~ a small country town called Adaminaby, population 230, about 2 hours from here. we decided to take charlie dog on his first road trip!

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he was incredibly excited to be out and about, and spent most of the way there with his head against the window.

it was beautifully foggy…
the mist rolled over the hills and into valleys, accentuating the morning light and the stark winter skeletons of trees.

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it was lovely to be seeing new land. car space is meditation space. talking space. testing out lime green ipod music space {lime green… must be something in the air}…
also self portrait space

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when we got to adaminaby, of course we had to stop to see “THE BIG TROUT”

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we drove on to lake eucumbene… a big man~made lake teeming with trout and attractive trout fishermen in checked shirts.

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the soil around the lake was an incredible red, the lake a gorgeous blue ~ i loved the contrast. {i also loved the hot guy walking his mega cute dog… oh hang on, they look familiar…}

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when i looked closer at the rocks on the red soil… i realised they were ochre rocks in varying shades of yellow, orange, red and white.

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i rubbed some against a rock to see all the shades…

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oh look! a natural forming “i love chris” rock!

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it was a wonderful adventure…

on the way home, charlie slept well 🙂

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i journalled joyfully away…

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and the obligatory “road trippers” photo…

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i loved my weekend.

my top moments of the weekend:

1. playing with the ochre rocks by the lake
2. running in the rain
3. soup making on a sunday arvo
4. lying on my belly talking to charlie, and having him talk back {he told me he was really hungry, and didn’t really like eating my soup.}

chris’ top 3 moments:

1. taking charlie on an adventure
2. the rain
3. lime green ipod

sometimes joy is found in the adventures.
when you kick yourself up the butt just to get out there,
in the rain, in the mist, in the ochre rock,
and let joy pounce on you and be discovered.

and sometimes its just as simple as lying on your belly and looking in your dog’s eyes.

big blessings, in so many ways.