Hey lovely people,

Grant here, with a worldwide shipping update for our extraordinary 2016 planner collection.

We’ve seen so very many excitable social media posts of people either:

  1. Sharing photos of their workbooks that have arrived (and sometimes even the postman who brings them!)
  2. Lamenting that theirs haven’t arrived yet.

So, in an effort to bring you up to speed, I thought I’d give you a detailed shipping update of exactly when/where books are at right now!

You want updates, I’ll give you updates!

Australia & Asia – books are in the distribution center and have been shipping for a few days. While I know the rest of you are very jealous, this is primarily because AU is closer to where the books are made and so they got there faster. (Also, secretly, I’m excited b/c Leonie is Australian and this year, we’ve been able to offer transactions in AU currency AND deliver books first to people in Australia, so they are feeling the love this year!!)

Though, sometimes being first isn’t best, so shipping notifications have been a bit rocky, with a number of people receiving their books before the notification and some people receiving, well, let’s say ‘several’ notifications, which is a bummer, not just because one will do, but in some cases, ‘several’ of the ‘several’ notifications they received were blank. See, there is a price to pay for going first!

US & Americas – books are in the warehouse near Las Vegas and should begin shipping on Monday. Pre-orders will go first, followed by cart orders. Shipping notifications should be smoother, but you know, I’ve been busted forecasting the future before, so, just check your boxes. (I hear the AU folks have some extras, so if you just *want* to get mail that badly…)

UK & Europe – books are in port and working their way through Customs. Hopefully, we can get them loosed (that’s a word, I’m sure!) and they can make their way to the shipping house very soon. From there, pre-orders will run first, followed by cart orders. Shipping notifications should be smoothest here, I mean, the third time is a charm, right?

So… if you’re waiting, thank you.

We are so excited to bring these bundles of even-more-love-than-you-can-imagine to a post box or doorway near you. As a note – this IS the earliest year yet, I’m told, so try not to get too far ahead, okay? We want you to be successful, but you know, live out your days and all…

So there’s an overview. During this week, we’ve also tightened up a few issues in the cart and everything should be rolling smoothly. We’re getting on top of customer service tickets – if you’re waiting on a reply from us, please know we’ll be with you as quickly as we can. All hands are on the Customer Service Deck at LDI!

IF you have further questions or issues, please send notes to – not Facebook messages or Facebook posts…we are happy to interact with you on those, but they are lower priority than our ‘official’ channel and won’t be responded to as quickly (which face it, who gets in the slow line on purpose, right?)!!

As always, thank you.

From our whole team, it is an honor to share this  life and business journey with you. We love you bunches and every photo of a workbook in its forever home, warms our hearts!! Have a great weekend!!!

And of course, if you don’t have yours yet… grab yours here. We have SOLD OUT of to do list pads and in the space of less than a week, have sold out of half our business goals workbooks! We hate to see you missing out, so jump in! The water is warm!

Enjoy the journey,