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Wrigley’s box doodlings inspired by Michael Nobbs

Don’t think about creating. Just do it.
Start small. Draw what is in front of you.
It doesn’t matter if you think you can create or if you can’t.
Marx said that every person is gifted with the ability to create.
It’s only with the partitioning of society that we only create if we deem our selves to be “creative.”
Bugger that.
Draw because, damn it feels good.
Make mistakes joyfully.

I was sitting there in the sun this afternoon, waiting for chris to arrive,
and there in my bag was a pen and a scrap of paper. And an empty packet.
It was the best twenty minutes of my day.
The act of scribbling, doodling, scratching onto paper lines and curves filled me with an irresistable joy, and such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Oh go on, you know you want to!

One hour to go to Sarah Mac concert!