Every little while I like to do interviews on the Yang Wonders in my life {read the last one here). There’s so much Yin~honouring on this blog {which so has its place}, but I also wish to honour men and their spiritual paths here. They have journeys and hearts wide and great.

Speaking of hearts wide and great, my friend Nick is the God of this.

He is gentle, wise, playful, a lover of the Universe and a man~boy who amazes me with the life~sense he possesses at the tender age of 22.
He likes to take Art-Bazookas to make pictures at music festivals.
He likes to look outside the frame when a photograph is taken of him (quite hilarious in group shots really).

I have spent hours sailing around the lake with him in hysterics of laughter, wearing matching Superhero Crocs, playing Japanese paper-rock-scissors and planning pirate take-overs of other sailboats.
I think that pretty much sums Nick up.

World, meet Nick.

Nick, World Loves You.

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* Who is the special person in your life?

There are many special people in my life but the special person in my life is me!
Others too; my family and friends, pets, trees. Ok, so maybe trees aren’t people, but I like to think that even rocks are aware that they are rocks 🙂
I generally forget how special I am. I could rattle of a list of achievements, but I prefer to be quietly confident in my own abilities to ROCK. \m/
Leonie is special cause she helps me remember :p

* What is your relationship with the Universe like?

Loving-Teaching-Kindness is probably the best way to describe it. I had a realisation in 2004 after some deep contemplation that the true nature of everything is infinite. It’s easy to say you can understand the infinite, but to understand it on multiple levels requires time and contemplation. I’m still learning just how infinite the infinite is every day. Sometimes, I forget. I slip back into my old ways, I think things are impossible and that it may all end soon. Then I remember how to smile and how the universe really works. The lessons are important too – I tend to take negative things that happen to me as a lesson(s) to be learned from. This way you can’t harbour any real regrets, you can learn and move on to the brighter future. If there’s no discernable reason, maybe it’s karma, or just the great universe working it’s ways on the world. I know I’m going to die, but I’ll be smiling till the end inside as I dissolve back into the source of all that is, was, and will ever be.

* What is it like being a man?

Being a man has its strong points and not so strong points. The ability to pee standing up anywhere is definitely a strong point. Being unable to create life is definitely a not so strong point. I’m sure I’ve been a female in the previous life, but otherwise I don’t really have much basis for comparison 😉

* If you could manifest one thing, what would it be?

A small green triangular pyramid, total dimensions not exceeding 5cm*5cm*5cm, that glowed a soft green colour when held in the hands of someone with an open heart. Just because I could. World peace, happiness and human evolution to the next level are all high on the list however.

* Do you ever kinda want to go to a womens circle?

Yeah sorta – maybe a man circle or something though. It’s more (for me) about having a tribe that you can call a part of yourself, having others who share a common goal, thought, feeling or idea. It’s a community and the feeling of community which I think is very important. We’re becoming more geographically segregated in our communities thanks to the web and other communications technologies, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Just change, like time before and time to come. A women’s circle is a great idea, and I think a great way for women to share womanly information. I think that men need that kind of space too, especially with culturally defined gender roles changing. I think when I become a dad I’d like to be able to talk to other dads about dad stuff. Most guys aren’t as open as that though, we’re simple beasts, usually we hide behind our various masks. For some of us, it’s easy to drop these and play in a different space. For some harder than others and I think it’s a bit harder in general for guys to be as open as gals.

* What does your cat whisper to your soul while you are sleeping at midnight?

I don’t have a cat living with me unfortunately, but next door’s tortoiseshell cuddle sponge would probably whisper me sweet nothings. Sasha and Mishkin, bless them both, are happy at my parents home. It’s like a hare Krishna friend of mine put it – the cat is the enjoyer of the house. You provide for it and give it cuddles and attention and it enjoys them and is happy. For him, it was the same with Krishna, who was the supreme enjoyer of everything. I like to think the act of enjoyment and enjoying brings more joy to the universe, which is always a good thing 🙂

* Whoseyourdaddy?

Robert Hugh Price – Bless him and his awesome ways. For me he’s the Frisbee master extraordinaire, with a dash of party animal and loveable trashbag who’s still keeping it real even though he’s an over the hill hippie. Best dad. Will always remember how he used to lie on the ground and whistle nonchalantly so my brother and I could try and tickle him when we were little. Rock out dad, I’ll love you forever.

* What’s your creative outlet?

Quick speech, word plays and making people laugh (sometimes unsuccessfully). It used to be acting and I want to get back into acting again. Play, in all forms, is very important. Don’t take life too seriously as no one gets out alive!

* Body:Mind:Spirit – what’s the blessing and challenge for you in this Holy Trinity?

The blessing – It’s all possible, just remember to to breathe, feel it and let the universe take care of the rest.
The challenge – Remembering the above and living my life by it.

* Why does the LOLcat make you laugh so much?

I grew up on Monty python. Post-modernity has given us the juxtaposition of signs never before seen by human eyes. Internet humour in it’s own silly way reminds me of the infinite nature of the universe. Meaning shifting context and reference quickly and seemingly without meaning, new meaning is created and destroyed just as quickly, and to me, it keeps getting faster. Much like the dance of creation and destruction by Kali, the oceans of samsara, and the fact that all your base are belong to us.

* What question would you like to ask yourself?

“How do you do it nick?”

Simple my friend;

“Love as much as you can from wherever you are” – Thaddeus Golas

Nick & Leonie celebrate Spring the only way they can: frolicking.