Hi lovebugs,

I’m sharing this because I have been asked my use of the F-bomb.

So here’s my public declaration:

Yes, I do swear.

And I’m okay with it.

In fact I’m more than okay with it.

I don’t believe I’ll be changing it anytime soon. It’s a part of my self that I happen to adore.

I really love, love, love being Leonie. And I’m 100% okay with being a Leonie that swears.

I write in the way that I speak – honestly + decoratively.

I understand that for some peeps may not resonate with it. I understand some people may feel offended by it.

I understand. I’m also okay with it.

I also understand that it can be a cultural thing – Australians by and large tend to be more down with swearing than the US + UK (probably not Ireland though – swearing is their national language and would beat out Aussies anytime! Ha!)

I understand my writing may not please all people. I understand that. There’s no way I actually CAN please all people.

It’s an impossible task.

Especially since I’m also liable to talking about vaginas. And goddesses. And hippy-woo-woo things. And death.

And yet I can’t hold back the dam that’s inside me, the truths that want to be spoken, the things that need to be heard by some people at some time. It may not be for everyone. But it will be right for the right people.

I also understand it’s much more important for me to speak in the way that feels right and happy to me, without holding back.

I don’t want to feel like I’m hiding my swear bear nature when I write to you.

I don’t want you to be surprised if you ever meet me in person and I decoratively describe something with F bombs.

I actually happen to find tongue-in-cheek, perfectly placed and heartfelt swearing to be endearing and hilarimo. I dig when people are that real. I like women who swear.

I also appreciate that might not be your way of seeing it, and that’s okay.

If you don’t like any form of swear words, you might like to choose to not read my writing.

(I don’t need to hear if you find me offensive. Or annoying. How you think of me is none of my business if you do.)

What’s really important to me is this:

Turning up and creating. Writing what is in my heart and soul as honestly, vulnerably and on-soul’s-truth as possible (that may or may not include swear words, depending on what I feel called to writing). Doing my best job at helping the other souls that I am destined to help. Loving the buggery out of my self as I do it all. And changing the world through philanthropy. That’s my job. That’s all I need to focus on.

There are six billion paths up the mountain to God.

This one is mine.

All my love and blessings,