Hola panda bears,

Thank you SO much for the incredible outpouring of support, excitement and orders over the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year in Life + Biz workbooks!!!

I’m totally delighted at the printed book hitting the Top 500 Books list on Amazon as well!

If you’re brand new to the workbooks, you’ll probably discover there’s a hardcore fan group of the workbooks who’ve been using them every year for their life + biz.

(And yep – I’m totes one of dem – they’ve been such a huuuuge part of my life + biz growth/joy/miracles over the last four years!!!)

One of my favourite parts of this time of year is seeing everyone else dreaming, manifesting, planning & growing their new year.

It’s massively inspiring and motivating. And I know loads of others get a kick out of it too.

It’s like a little community of us conscious creators banding together and fuelling each other.

So, here’s some easy ways for our workbook groupie crew to connect + get inspired by each other!

Facebook us like it’s 1999

If you’re on Facebook, send pics via private messages to my Facebook page so we can share!


If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, tag me (@leonie_dawson) or hashtag #2014workbook.


Academy accountability

And if you’re an Academy goddess, make sure you share your goals + brainstorm in there with your mastermind sisters… public accountability is one of my favourite ways to make sure goals come true!!!!

Amazon Reviews!

As the workbook is brand new to ze Amazon, we haven’t been able to collect reviews over the years.

But if you’d like to share about what the workbooks have done for you, your gorgeous life + biz, I’d be honoured if you shared a review about it here.

Woo hoo!

Let’s make this life a great one!

All my love,