You bring light into this world, acrylic & mixed media on canvas

I painted this artwork some months ago, and it is only now that I am beginning to understand her message and hear her truth.

For me, my artworks are messages from Spirit, and each one is brought into my life to teach me a story and touch me with her presence. I have learned to hold onto my paintings until she becomes a part of me. The paintings will tell me when it is time for them to take wings and fly out into the world.

For me, “You bring light into this world” is a healing goddess. She is a swirl of rainbows, a sparkle across the water. She is a channel for guiding starlight in the cosmos. She is the woman in all of us who creates miracles with her hands, and touches the world with her glow.

Lately I have been learning her messages:

Trust in your healing ability.

Trust in your intuition.

Trust in the wisdom that is inside you already.

With massage, reflexology, oracle cards, crystal healing…
I don’t need to focus on knowing the “right” way to do it ~
I only need to just let healing speak to me and through me,
unfolding through my hands just as it needs to be.

Last night I witnessed and was part of a miracle ~
and my house sung with women~sisters healing each other with their hands, so I share this with deep faith and belief in the possibilities of intuitive healing.

I don’t need all the books to know in my belly where my hands need to go ~ to touch, to hold, to heal, to bring light.

This is my lesson, this is me trusting the High Priestess inside me.

We know everything already, it’s just a case of remembering.

Have you given yourself the gift of crystal healing?
Pick a crystal up. And do what it tells you to do.
How does it speak to you? What does it say? What miracles do you allow inside today?

We are born healers.
We are born gods and goddesses.
We are born divine.

You bring light into this world.

The story of a painting unfolds…

in shining amethyst,