when there are photographs of goddesses
spilled around the floor
and you are lying amongst them
spilling tears all over the carpet
because somewhere inside
it all makes sense to you
and seeing these images of goddesses
reminds you of something you can’t quite speak about
but you can lie amongst photographs of sisters and womenfolk and remarkable souls
and cry
and know that all is good in this world.

and you cry
because somehow you’ve found your work in this world for now
you are bearing down and finding and foraging
and you’re reading a book about birthing (“Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin)
and it makes you high on energy
and it reminds you that all the world rushes to meet you and greet you
as you push and trust and exhale and hold and let go and create

and your dog will pander over those photographs you’ve taken
his divine paw print blessing them
and he will lick your face of its salty tears
and make you laugh
and remind you
that all is good in this world.