“we give thanks for our friends.
our dear friends.
we anger each other.
we fail each other.
we share this sad earth, this tender life,
this precious time.
such richness. such wildness.
together we are blown about.
together we are dragged along.
all this delight.
all this suffering.
all this forgiving life.
we hold it together.


~ michael leunig

i have been ruptured clean by you.
you who have let me in your life.
you who have shared your sacred spirits with me.
you who have chose not to.
you who have stood unblinking before my camera and allowed me to document my divinity.
you who choose not to yet.
you who i forgive.
you who i struggle to forgive.
you who have been the greatest miracles i have ever experienced.
you who have held me when i did not know where the next moment’s strength would come from.
you who i tooted in my car yesterday when you cut in.
you who have circled with me.
you who brush my hair.
you who forgive me.
you who struggle to forgive me.
you who i love dearly.
you who i do not.
you who i have learned to leave out of my energy space.
you who leave sweet comments to say “i hear you.”
you who chose not to.
you who help me remember my soul.
you who may feel angry with me.
you who are madly in love with me.
you who i feel disappointed by.
you who i have disappointed.
you who feel the greatest.
you who feel the smallest.

i give thanks to each of you, and for all of you,
for being just what i needed.

you who is doing the best you can,
just as i am.

you, i respect you.
you, i honour you.
you, i love you.

with love to the world,