I notice people are wavering a lot right now.

Not sleeping. Feeling kooky. Worrying. Fretting. Freakin’ out.

Actin’ out. Arguing. Grumbling. Taking offense.

Taking it personally.

Feeling stricken, saddened, in a rush.

Feeling full moon-ish, even though we’re past that now.

Anywhere but here.


Just remember love,

you’ve been through this before.

You’re going to get through this.

Everything will work out.

Everything will be okay.

Stay calm. Stay clear.

Keep your faith. Tend to yourself gently.

Blame it on the planets.

Don’t take it personally.

Know it will pass.

Keep Calm + Carry On.


You can be the light.

You can embody hope.

This is your time to step up.