Hey beautiful hearts!

Each Thursday, we hang out together as a gaggle of goddesses & make our gorgeous lives a little clearer, calmer and more zen. We do one Zen Your Life project together for the day… an easy, possible kind of project… just one small thing to make our lives more zen.

When we make space in our lives, we are making room for even more delight, comfort, magic and love to enter.

Sound like yummy delicious fun? Want some more zen goodness in your life?

Hurrah! Let’s start! We can doooo eeeeeeeet!

Today, your Zen Your Life project is:

Make a basic drawing of your home. And I want you to scribble on it the places where clutter gathers. Like a clutter-monster-in-dark-cupboards.

Done it? Gooooood.

And now… you’re going to put on your finest clutter-monster-seducing-and-betwixing goddess wear.

And spend just five minutes patiently, tenderly, lovingly tending to the clutter-monster’s cave. Spruce it up. Make it nice. Make it just a little bit more spacious.

A little spring clean for the clutter monster’s cave. Only five minutes – nothing too overwhelming at all.

If you’re at work, do the same thing for your work space. We all have a clutter-monster’s cave… and all it needs is just a little bit of our goddess love and attention.

Need some accountability?

You can use the above buttons on your blog, and photograph your progress. You can check-in to the Comments Circle. You can write out your Zen Goddess goal on a scrap of paper beside you.

Whatever you need to do to give yourself the support you need, do it.

Loving you, fellow Zennifying Goddessa!