Hey beautiful hearts!

Each Thursday, we hang out together as a gaggle of goddesses & make our gorgeous lives a little clearer, calmer and more zen. We do one Zen Your Life project together for the day… an easy, possible kind of project… just one small thing to make our lives more zen.

When we make space in our lives, we are making room for even more delight, comfort, magic and love to enter.

Sound like yummy delicious fun? Want some more zen goodness in your life?

Hurrah! Let’s start! We can doooo eeeeeeeet!

Today, your Zen Your Life project is:

Get your inbox down to zero.

Once upon a time, I had an inbox that was bursting at the seams. I think there was 300+ unread emails in it spreading back over a year. And I gnashed my teeth, and I worried, and I felt like I had to go back and answer every single email, and check every single notification, and respond and reply.

Then a friend staged an email-intervention for me. Everything that wasn’t a business email was deleted. Everything that was over two months old was sent off into the winds. Everything that wasn’t crazy-wild-urgent-important was kissed goodbye.

And with it, a whole heap of worry, and angst, and feeling like I-didn’t-have-my-crap-together.

So here’s my three stage process of helping your inbox be lovely and zen again:

1. Do not use your inbox as a To Do List.

Create a separate To Do list in your To Do List book, using Todolist.com or just on a piece of paper. Write down anything you need to do, then archive the email. If you need it later when it comes to doing that task, just search for it.

2. Archive anything that does not absolutely need a reply.

Top secret secret: Not all emails need replying to. I used to think they did, but if every single person replied to every single email they ever received, we wouldn’t be doing anything but answering emails or crying about answering emails. Please do the world a favour and not reply to every email. It makes less reply-work for every one of us.

3. If an email is older than two months old, chances are, it just needs to be said goodbye to.

Honour it, give it love, and archive it.

4. Unsubscribe from every notification and newsletter out there unless it makes your life amazingly better.

Because your life needs you living it, not sitting in your inbox.

5. Work through the rest of your emails from top to bottom.

No going back. No skipping around. Put an album on, close all your other browser windows, and just work through it step by step. If you don’t feel like replying with a thousand words, don’t wait until you do. Just reply with what you have, right now. Follow your spirit and your energy. Release your expectations and perfectionism and worries and fears about getting it right. Stop feeling obligated to answer the way that you do. You do not have to answer emails as deeply, thoughtfully, quickly or verbosely as you think you do. Let your love and light shine in other ways… ways that you feel radiant and joyous as you do it. Let it be through creating, or through physical action. Give your energy the freedom to be released from have-to’s.

Remember: You are a gift. Your energy is a gift. Use it in powerful ways to make a change.

Need some accountability?

You can use the above buttons on your blog, and photograph your progress. You can check-in to the Comments Circle. You can write out your Zen Goddess goal on a scrap of paper beside you.

Whatever you need to do to give yourself the support you need, do it.

Loving you, fellow Zennifying Goddessa!