You’re Invited!

by Leonie Dawson on December 1, 2016


Hola possum,

Consider this your official invitation to join our magical, wondrous, inspiring + fun Facebook group just for the 2017 workbookers!


  • totally free to join
  • a lovely, inspiring community who work through the workbooks together
  • a place to meet and mastermind with other gorgeous workbook women in your local area
  • over 14,000 members from around the world(!!!!!!!)
  • find other members in your local area for face to face workbook partays!


Please do join us + invite your workbooker friends too! The more the merrier!


See you in there!

Big love,

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Shipping News: 1 December 2016

by Leonie Dawson on November 30, 2016

Hey petunias!

It’s time for an update on the Shipping News!

So! Here’s where we are at as of today:

All pre-orders have been sent. New orders are shipping within 24 hours of placing an order. HOORAY! Please note: this does *NOT* mean you’ll get it within 24 hours of placing your order. We ain’t Amazon, and we don’t have a crew of unicorn drones. YET. So yas, please note usual delivery times apply!

All pre-orders have been sent. New orders are shipping within 24 hours of placing an order. HOORAY! Please note: this does *NOT* mean you’ll get it within 24 hours of placing your order. We ain’t Amazon, and we don’t have a crew of unicorn drones. YET. So yas, please note usual delivery times apply!

Our boat got cleared through Customs + the workbooks landed in their warehouse on the 23rd November as we’d been told they would (at last!)… BUT……… it seems that their system got itself in a tangle + they have been holding off on orders, expecting MORE workbook stock to land in their warehouse. This has held up ALL orders coming out of the UK which is bonkerdoodles + frustrating-as-heck.

We’ve been pulling extra hours to get this whole clusterfuck sorted out, and now have their managers sorting the issue out for us because frankly this just isn’t good enough.

We’re working with them to sort out the problem as fast as possible (they DO have ALL THE STOCK THEY NEED to ship bundles + orders out to you!) and get your workbooks shipping quicksticks. We’ve asked for their firm commitment to have everything sent out by December 1.

I can’t say how sorry I am that it’s taken so long… please know it’s been out of our hands, and we’re doing everything we can to get these beautiful books into your hands.

Also: related but unrelated… I just started diving into the rabbit hole of and have discovered my heritage leads back to England, Wales and Denmark. Which maybe is the reason for my obsession for UKTV? Either way… I feel like I need to come visit y’all in my mother countries! (Maybe when Beth is no longer a toddler because travelling with small children makes me want to stab myself in the face with a cucumber.)

So, all that to say: UK/Europe/Africa: your books are COMING. I am so freakin’ sorry that you’ve had to wait longer than everyone else… but the wait is nearly over!

And YES – you will get a shipping notification in your email when yours is sent!

I know you all are so very excited and impatient to get your books.

We’re doing our very best to make it happen. Some of those things that we have to wait on are out of our control – including Customs + warehouse inventory systems!

It’s always a frustrating adventure + my team + I are doing everything in our power to get these babies shipping as fast as we can.

We’ll continue keeping you up to date. Thank you for your excitement. Thank you for trying not to wee every time you hear the postman. Please try and refrain from sexually harassing him, but only if you can help it. We all know that you’re only human.

Hopefully next time I write this update it will be:


And in the good news stories:

  • We have all major cart issues fixed so if you have had any problems ordering, you should be right now! Otherwise, PLEASE email us ([email protected]). We are here to help!!!
  • I’ve had FIVE staff working customer service full time and we’ve cleared the inbox deluge from launching + are back to a response time under 24 hours. Most excellent news!
  • Our affiliate competition is going OFF… $8,000 in cash prizes to be won (woot woot!) If you’re not an affiliate yet – sign up here.
  • We have sold out of over half our Business workbook stock – so if you haven’t ordered yet, get in now!

If you don’t have your 2017 Create Your Shining Year products yet… then GET THEM HERE!! Don’t wait, kitten, they ALWAYS sell out!!!


Love you all long time,

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scrapbook 24


I heard about it on Facebook first…

Expressions of interest for a Susun S Weed herbal healing workshop here in the alpine mountains of Canberra.

I was allllll over it like hippy on chai.

Ya see, I have had Susun’s herbal healing books for years, and her book for Herbal Healing During The Childbearing Year was used over and over again as I experienced recurring mastitis in my lumpy boobfeeding bosoms. (I should say that I DID use antibiotics as well when it developed… but I spent much of my breastfeeding years trying to prevent/fix another bout of mastitis.)


The day rolled around… fast… and due to a wild calamity of conflicting deadlines… it ended up being on the exact same date as we were launching the 2017 workbooks! Luckily, my team had it all under control (aka: there wasn’t anything else for me to do!) so I scurried off for the morning to meet the great green goddess.


scrapbook 22

I got there a bit early, and plonked beside Carrie the Candlemaker… it’s so funny… we met earlier this year at the markets. She had her candle store there, and I was wandering around… and she said “Leonie???? I have your workbooks!!!” and she even had them on her!! She takes them to the markets with her each week to work on them between customers! Amazing!

Anyways, we totally hit it off, and realised that not only did our kids go to the same school… but we were neighbours!

It was the rad. She’s adorable!


scrapbook 23

Here’s me just about to drink a sacred elixir made by Susun S Weed.

P.S. it tasted like horse.

scrapbook 31

I made Carrie hold my hand when Susun walked in because I was so excitable.

She was just how you would expect her to be… the passionate, playful, joyful, enthusiastic, mischievous voice of her books. What a glad blessing and a joy to witness her in person.

scrapbook 33

She’s totally my style statement too… silk skirt, leggings, bare feet, printed tee, bra-free and bandanna! Live the dream, girl!

Here’s my sketchbook from that day…

I kept talking about the workshop with mates and promising to upload my sketchbook from it… so here it is!

scrapbook 25

scrapbook 27

With these pages, she was talking about the sacred act of eating herbs (and everything else!) is ultimately the act of love. And counselled us against wanting too much “balance” in our lives… that our lives are at its nature dynamic and that’s the reason we are alive.

Then we got into the meat of the show… which was all about herb infusions which are highly nutritious.

scrapbook 28

scrapbook 29

What a great way to get more nutrients in ze body!

I think the big thing I’ll take away from the workshop is this…

scrapbook 26

That instead of “cleansing” our system of “toxins”… to instead nourish it with good foods + herbal infusions.

I think I’ll make it my word for the year next year!

scrapbook 35

Afterwards, I got a selfie with ze Weed. She’s totally wearing my colours!

scrapbook 32

So grateful for the experience.

When I’m 70, I want to be as Leonie as Susun is Susun… wild, free + completely herself.

scrapbook 30

Big love,

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