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Daily: Aunty Leonie & Their Meditating Notes

Daily: Aunty Leonie & Their Meditating Notes

(Click on image to enlarge) Blossoms, I've been doing Tara Brach's "Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom" course... above are my notes in my art journal. The background is a collage of wrapping paper that my creative penpal Tammy Hudgeon ...
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Meditation Challenge & Good Habits Update...

Meditation Challenge & Good Habits Update…

Dearests,  Just a short one today, and there's a podcast companion as well. Just hit play above, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCast (or wherever else you listen to podcasts!) I started reading a book by HRH Dalai Lama, but stopped because I ...
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Your Chance to Ask Me ANYTHING!

Your Chance to Ask Me ANYTHING!

Baberinos! Every week, my inbox grows with questions from people. "How do you only work ten hours a week?" "I want to write my book but I have no clue how to get it published?" "You make such pretty graphics ...
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My Most Embarrassing Mistake

My Most Embarrassing Mistake

Dearests, I NEVER thought I would talk about this publicly... because this mistake still wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes. Every time I think about it, I flinch, then shudder, then start laughing. It's mortifying and ...
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FREE Mini Course!!!

FREE Mini Course!!!

Lovebugs! Today is a good day. It's not just an eBook freebie day... It's a MINI COURSE freebie day! 15 Reasons You Need To Sell An E-Course: mini video training & illustrated e-book! This is the first step to creating ...
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Frugality < Self Care

Frugality < Self Care

Pookybears, Just wanted to moodle something with you that I've been thinking of. But first... I want to acknowledge my numerous privileges when it comes to life and money. I'm a white woman, living in a developed (and stolen) country ...
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Podcast: How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Love doves! Want to know how some entrepreneurs earn millions a year without actually creating or producing anything themselves? Affiliate marketing is the answer... here's my MINISODE about how to do it & create a lucrative new income stream! Explicit AF Just to...

Diary: 7 Little Things

Dearests, A list post today. Because I don't have much brain power for anything else. Listen as you read! Just hit play above, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCast (or wherever else you listen to podcasts!) I have big weekend plans. See above. I...

It’s been a big month… did you miss any of these?

Pooky bears, This month I committed to blogging every day in April. We're nearly at the end, and I'm stunned at how much I've been able to create. So much in fact, you might have missed some. So I thought I'd make you a helpful wee roundup of all the things I've made...

Queen of My Day Podcast

Baberinos! Let me share with you the wonderful interview I did with Ellen Holzschuster! Ellen says it best! "We are talking, thinking, pondering and laughing about  soulful living and what does it mean 🙏🏻 what it means to live your dream 🎨 how to honour your soul and...

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