Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

This is evidence of my own Self Soothing.
So is my not-as-frequent-as-always posting.

This last week we’ve been talking about Self Soothing (Parts One & Two here).

The Sixth Way, and the most important way to self-soothe is… I am slowly discovering…

6. Give yourself what you need.

During my life-year I get a couple of special weeks that I call “Big Medicine Week.”
Hellllooooo buttons getting pressed on every single level! Oh hai exhaustion and needing to retreat! Hi hi waves of emotion! Hola huge big painful sore lessons emerging! Welcome back every fear, inadequacy or pain I haven’t fully healed!

It’s been a time that I’ve definitely needed to self-soothe.

And I’ve needed to do that one thing that I forget to do:

Give myself what I need.

And when I asked myself at first what I needed, I didn’t hear anything.
And then I heard:

You need to feel this.

So I sat with all those feelings. I didn’t try to make them feel better. I didn’t squash them down. I didn’t resist them. What a change that was – I’m the self-apointed Queen of Having All My Stuff Together.

This week, I needed to not have it all together.

This week, I needed to not do so much.

This week, I needed picnics and tears and bed and snotty tissues. This week I needed to be vulnerable and tell my love, family and friends how I was feeling. This week, I needed to feel it all, and give myself what I need.

Today is one of my usual work days – usually filled with To Do lists and hyper-business. I spoke with my business accountability partner this morning, and in her usual, beautiful, centred way, she asked me what I needed today. And the answer was this:

Today, I need to lie down in front of the tv, and read, and do a little bit of painting.

And so I am.

Right here, right now,

what is it that you need to give yourself?

I just wanted you to know…
from my little blanket and book nest, my space of self soothing…
that you are so loved,
so needed,
so perfect just as you are.


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