Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s part two of our series in Self-Soothing. Hurrah!

Part of the reason I’m hurrah-ing that is that I’m in desparate need of it myself. This week I’m feeling a bit rubbed raw – vulnerable, buttons pressed and a bit saddle sore. Most of the year I feel like I’m floating along in my boat happily, going with the flow. And then there’s just those dastardly few times in the year that I feel like my boat gets a bit shaken. I take a couple of hits, my buttons activate and get pressed over and over again, and I start finding myself wanting to either stay in bed for a very long time, build my home in a closet or run far, far away. And it probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been working non stop for about – oh – three months.

So I’ve been reaching into my medicine bag for tools to soothe my frazzled little self.

I’m writing this today because I totally need to remember myself.

4. Calling all angels

Last night I was feeling really anxious and vulnerable. I found myself wanting to cloak myself with a Cloak of Invisibility. As a passionate, intense lil Scorpio, I’ve learned the art of making myself invisible when I don’t want to be seen. I don’t think I manage to do it in an insipid-fade-into-the-background kind of way. It’s more of an intense kind of energetic-walling. (If you ever want an energetic bridge burned, hire a Scorpio.)

So I’ve noticed that this is my habit, my pattern, my way of doing life. And last night, I felt that the same desire came up for me again last night. And I felt a pain in my heart and tears in my eyes – I don’t want to keep running from my own vulnerability. I don’t want to live my life cloaked.

So I really felt this. And I also felt like I still needed some kind of protection. So I wondered what I could use instead of a cloak – and I got the image of big, bright, white angel wings coming from behind me and folding around me, encasing me in its circle of unconditional love. As I went to sleep, I asked for all my angels to be with me, and for one of them to hold me in the safe compass of their wings.

So today, as I went about, I walked knowing I was safe inside the embrace of an angel’s wings. It was so deeply comforting, and instead of feeling vulnerable, in pain and energetically lashing out, I felt a soft light of love around me.

And it actually showed. At my office job, a new guy at work stopped me in the kitchen and said “You know you’re the light of the floor, right?” It kind of took my breath away – that I was so seen in light when I had been wanting to hide in my shadows.

So call on your angels. Ask them to do what you need in order to feel safe, comforted and soothed. Let them hold you.

5. Making Fun

I’m a big proponent of that most sacred of activities – FUN.
There’s nothing that makes me feel calmer and more joyful than making some silly fun.

Fun is often the stuff that kids do. Fun is playing. It’s being creative. It’s canoe-ing. Horse-riding. Picnicking. Having everyday adventures. Doing stuff that you normally don’t do.

Today, we made a new Fun Game. Me & my cubicle wonder-friend Artemis (who’s got a blog now! Weee! Yay! I already heart Something Beautiful Happened) decided to do fashion photo-shoots at lunch. In the office. There was crawling under desks. And standing on chairs. And avant-garde urban corporate shots. And then ridunkulous amounts of photo-geeking out.

It was silly, and it was sustenance to my soul.

Fun is vital. I need fun like I need sunshine and water.
So it’s my number five way of self-soothing.

As my amazing healer friend Donna says “Laughter and tears are both equally healing.”

For Today.

So that’s the next two self-soothers on the list. I wonder just how parts this series will end up being?

Maybe I should also add to the list:

Blog about self-soothing.

Because I started writing this feeling like an anxious cranky-pants, and finish it feeling like a little glowing fairy.

Thank you for being on this miracle journey with me. And, as always, you can share your own self-soothing tips in the Comments Circle. I’d love to add some more to my own medicine bag!

Love to you, and to me, and to all our parts that need soothing…

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