Ever have one of those days when you feel kind of blah, maybe a little grumpy, or just lacking shimmery-shiny-delicious energy?

It’s okay. We all do!

If you’re having one of those days, here’s a little medicine bag of power tools to help you shine again! And if you’re not having one of those days, bookmark this post so you can find it again when you need it! Hee!

1. Take a bath

Suds up, baby. This is the first place I turn when I get grumpy.

It’s much, much harder to stay grumpy in a bathtub surrounded by bubbles, with lavendar oil scenting the air.

2. Eat some greens

This sounds so mum-ish, I know. But there is a HUGE difference in my mood after I’ve eaten a handful of fresh snowpeas, or made my favourite green smoothie.

Give it a try… it’s good for you in so many gorgeous ways, including improving your mood!

Psssst… Want my favourite green smoothie recipe? Here it is!

A banana, a handful of frozen berries, half a cup of water, a couple of dates or a splash of honey and a handful of spinach leaves.

Blend. Sip. Enjoy!

It ends up red, but it has the green goodness inside. This smoothie is happiness in a cup.

For bonus mood-lifting magic, sip this smoothie while taking a bubble bath!

3. Go outside for just five minutes

Watch the sky. Feel the breeze. Dig your toes in the soil. Watch birds.

Trust me – this works! Mama Earth really IS the best healer for us.

4. Read a page from an inspiring book

My go-to is always SARK – especially Transformation Soup. Maybe your inspiring book is the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or MAD magazine. Others on my hit-list of inspiration are Sabrina Ward Harrison and Louise Hay.

Of course, I also recommend this gem… *giggle*

5. Change what you are doing

This doesn’t have to mean “change the world” or anything. Change how you are sitting. Stop reading blogs. Change your hairstyle. Turn the TV on or off.  Change shoes. Move your chair around. Declutter what’s around you within a one metre radius. Give yourself a little face rub. Do eight deep breaths. Hum.

Or, you know, rock your favorite pink sunglasses for a fun and fabulous fashion statement.

It doesn’t matter WHAT that change is… even a small change to your state of being will help you feel less stagnant and stuck!

Just a little bit of change can make some shifts.

6. Listen to something beautiful

It might be Olivia Newton John’s “Grace and Gratitude.” Maybe it’s your favorite playlist. Maybe it’s an all-out sing-fest to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

It doesn’t matter. Sound is healing, and can change our mood like that.

7. Hug something

Yourself. A tree. A loved one. A puppy dog. Hugs are miracles!

8. Do something ridiculous and silly

Dance by yourself. Declare the rest of the day “Pants-Free Friday” even if it’s a Monday. Prance outside barefoot. Watch the most stupidly funny videos on YouTube. Watch a comedy. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are guffawing, it’s a good thing.

9. Reach out and give love

Whenever I’m feeling grumpy and in lack, I remember to do something nice for someone else. It feels like once I do that, the grumpy barriers break away, and the love of the world floods back to me again.

Try it. Tell a friend why you love them. Let a stranger know their hat looks good on them. Give something. Email someone you admire and tell them why you are grateful for them, and why your world is better for them being in it.

10. Make art

Get paint on your fingers and smear it. Journal for a page about fairies. Make a wax angel. Collage words from the newspaper into a poem. Just make the teeniest, tiniest little bit of art possible. Because you can, and because you are magic. It will make you feel good.

11. Cleanse + put love into your space

Our environment affects how we feel. If we’re surrounded by clutter, or by stuff that we keep meaning to get around to moving but never actually do, or just by stagnant energy, our mood suffers.

One of the quickest ways to transforming your energy, both immediately and over the long run, is to put love into your space. Cleanse it. Release the stuff that’s not serving and supporting you. Let go of what you need to, so you can welcome in what you want.

You don’t have to do it alone, either… the Create Your Goddess Haven e-course can help!

Create Your

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Big love + shimmering happiness,


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