Two second tip that can make the worrrrrld of difference to your productivity levels.

Why the friiick should you listen to me about productivity? I’ve built an 8 figure empire in 10 hours a week. I can get shit done FAST.


And ban yourself from using the internet while you get some work DONE ALREADY!

Go on! Try it now!

With love + productive success,

P.S. Transcript below:

Leonie: (00:00)
Guys, I am going to show you a five second trick that will save you so much time and increase your productivity, like a motherfucker. So if you haven’t already download something called Self Control app, this is for Mac and you, if you search for ones to use on PC, if you use a PC then you’ll find, I think like Cold Turkey and there’s a bunch of others that you could possibly use. Basically it restricts your access to the Internet when you need it. So you just go to you download it. Once it’s downloaded, you open it up and once it’s opened up you need to edit the blacklist. So you click edit blacklist and there’s two ways you can do it. You can add in, um, the domains that you usually spend time wasting, or you could just have a white list of the actual websites that you want to access.

Leonie: (00:58)
So you the click blacklist or white list. So I give a blacklist because I’m basic and dull, and these are the sites that I usually will click over to when I want to waste time. Once that’s done, once you filled out the black list or the white list of what you want to allow yourself access to, close that, and then you decide how many minutes. So I always give myself at least 45 minutes, but even if you just get 15 minutes time where you can’t access fucking anything on the Internet, it’s amazing. It’s going to change your life. So you click start, it’ll ask you to enter in your password and then you can’t access. So when I go now to go to Facebook, because that’s a favourite time wasting, it says the site can’t be reached and you can’t do shit about it. Not for another 45 minutes. It’ll give you here in the left hand side bar; a little timer of how long you’ve got left. Um, so it’s time to get some fucking work done. SELF-CONTROL app or Cold Turkey, enjoy. It’s gonna increase your productivity. Crazily.