Darling hearts,

I have another wonderful podcast interview to share with you!

Mary Baird-Wilcock and I sat down and talked about how I market my business without social media!!!

Shocking, I know, but so fucking possible, loves.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why more and more businesses are saying NO to social media these days
  • Why I believe businesses should focus on growing their email list instead
  • What is working for me right now, as I continues to sell my workbooks, online courses and services across the world
  • My thoughts on deactivating social media accounts or taking periodic social media sabbaticals
  • My other favourite ways to market your business that don’t require the mindless death scroll of social media

To listen to the episode, click HERE!

You can also watch it on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts, if that’s more your thing.

Big love,