Hola gorgeous goddess,

So I thought it would be fun to have a new little feature here for January… I’ve been adorrrring so much reading about other goddesses dreams, plans & invocations for 2011… so I thought I would turn it into an EXTRAVAGANZA! With rainbows & hair aswirl & sequins!

We need to remember our dreams. We need to seed them & water them to make them grow & happen. We need to get inspired! YES!

How better to start than with my Second Annual Dreaming Picnic?

One year ago, I had a dreaming picnic in our courtyard in Canberra.

We spent days out under our little gazebo. Me with my six month pregnacious belly.

Writing out my Goddess Year workbook + planner.

Turning inward so I could turn to the direction I needed over the next year.

(pic from our bedroom later that day when I decided to turn it into a bed picnic as well)

And as it so unfolds, we had another one yesterday.

A dreaming picnic in the backyard. A new year, a new workbook to dream in.

How things have changed, and not changed in a year.

The babe in my belly is now the babe crawling beside me, laughing with me, eating my pen.

We still have those two fluffy puppies. Charlie is still in love with me, Angel is still in love with Chris.

And Chris and Leonie? Well, they still love each other, madly, truly, deeply.

Our courtyard backyard in an alpine city is now a tropical garden in a small town.

So much of what we dreamed of has come into fruition…

Our incredible shining daughter. A home in tropical paradise. Our beautiful goddess business that supports our family.

And so we turn to face 2011. Dreaming it up. Planning it out.

Giving thanks. Staying centered. Walking our own path.

Calling to us the dreams that live inside.

Dream on, dearest hotties. It’s the way for us to get back home to our truest, wildest, most luscious of hearts.

Blessed & grateful,

P.S. Want to join in ze 2011 Dream Extravaganza? You’re welcome to grab ze buttong above & blog away about your 2011 dreams… and don’t forget to let me know… I’ll feature them in a 2011 Dream Extravaganza roundup!