Hola my dearest tribe of goddesses!!!

A new year, a new design!!!

I’ve been ahankering to create a new rainbowy design for a while now…

and it’s here! Hurrah!

What do you think my loves? A little clearer & brighter & sunshinier?

What I really want is for when you to arrive at Goddess Guidebook is for it to feel like a bright burst of soul colour… for it to bring joy & love & inspiration into your moment. Like coming home to the most rainbowy, dreaming, laughing part of you. A kaleidescope burst of spirit.

What else can you expect here at Goddess Guidebook this year?

SO many exciting things…

Some glorious new features will be coming out… a 2011 Dream Extravaganza & ze ever popular Zen Your Life projects will be returning (yay!)… as well as a few more that I’ll share soon!

And I’ve got a lavishing of courses & kits in my creation bundle that will be coming out soon… as always, if you’re a Goddess Circle member, you’ll get them free with your membership.

My intention and dream is to help as many women feel like happy, creative, soulful goddesses as I can!

I’ve opened ze comments, so if you could drop me a note & let me know how the new design works for you, or what you’d love from ze guidebook I would so love that!

All my love & gladness,