Hola gorgeous Goddess!


We were out driving through tropical paradise & I decided to make a sparkling sizzle reel for you to really *get* to know the beauty & wonder that’s inside it… what you can expect from using it, ya know?

If you can’t see ze video above, click here to watch.


Thank you so so so SO much for all your orders. And it’s been a joy having so many new Goddess Circle members who are signing up to grab the workbook along with everything else I’ve created. I feel really happy in my heart knowing I’m going to be able to support & inspire & help so many women have their most profound year yet. I think about how when women choose to sign up for a year of Goddess Circle membership, they are entering into this sacred contract with me… one where they are turning up and saying yes to transformation and love… and I get to pour all the wisdom & guidance & love & creative inspiration I can on them. I think of all the teachers I’ve entered into sacred contracts with. And how much they have blessed & changed my life. My darling Ostara & I were video chatting with my dear mentor Debra last night, and I just wanted to cry with happiness. I have no idea who I’d be if I hadn’t met a purple-haired Debra one drizzly day in cubicle-city when I was 21.

Here’s to all of us… we help each other grow and illuminate and blossom. We’ve chosen to come into each other’s lives for very special reasons. It’s all sacred.


And I’ve so loved the beautiful, honest, heart-touching sharings of goddesses who are already diving into the workbook…


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