Hola my darling hearts,


Have you been trying to sign up for the Goddess Circle or the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook & the buttons don’t go clicky clicky buy?

Astrologically speaking, there is a reason for it: Mercury Retrograde – those special couple of weeks every few months where things go bonkerdoodles & everything technological and communicationy goes kaput.

Practically speaking, it means annoying/hilarimo/strange things happen. My buttons not going “clickity clickeroo oh yes! I would love to take your order!” is one of them. It makes me chuckle rather raucously!

So my darling hearts, I think I’ve fixed all the buttons now. So if you are feeling called to the 2012 Workbook or Circle, you can grab them now.

And if you are have any problemos at all with the buy buttons, please please just let us know (support@leoniedawson.com). We’re here to help my loves. We will get you sorted and shining!

Amused At Mercury’s Antics!

P.S. Some deeeeeelicious divine things coming this blogway this week… as soon as we have ze essential communications out of the way! Including a turquoise-splashed update on ze Creative Caravan!!!!