G’day darlinghearts!

Today’s guest post is by my beautiful friend Kathy Stowell. She’s a mama to two and frolics in the boonies of BC, Canada. She offers ecourses and mentoring for mamas seeking strategies to simplify their mothering experience.

As you know, I very rarely accept guest posts, but each year I like to invite some gorgeous, passionate, inspiring women to share their new year dreams, goals + miracles.

The more we hear of women dreaming big dreams and making them happen, the more it will become the “new normal” and fuel us to do just the same.

Introducing darling Kathy!



My 2013 Dream Machine

I’m not too shabby in the dream manifestation department but as a busy mama of two and passionate entrepreneur I sometimes neglect goal setting in other areas of my life, to be specific about my wishes and to dream big.

That’s where the beauty of the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner creeps in. It gently prompts me to review my desires in relation to all aspects of my life, to listen to my deepest heart’s desires in each of these sacred areas and offers a bevy of tools and practical tips to bring into being these whispered prayers.


Creating My Workbooks In Community With Like-Minded Souls!

I decided I wanted to make the pouring of my soul into each of these workbooks a Goddess-laden affair. I’m delving into the Business Edition with my mastermind group at a bed and breakfast next weekend to hone in our biz goals between yoga-ing and cheese eating.

For the Life Edition, I’m planning a similar retreat with my knitting group later in the month. But I couldn’t resist. I decided to give myself a head start during a quiet afternoon after the kids were safely locked outdoors to frolic in the post-Christmas snow.

A lot of the guidance and exercises are similar to the ones I embrace: making lists of accomplishments, designing small steps toward a goal and embracing the perfect beauty of our imperfections.

“All of this is gorgeous and fine… it’s not about perfection or failure”

is such a beautiful reminder from these pages and a powerful permission slip.

Another juicy prompt begins;

“My goals that are so big and dreamy that I’m not even sure they are possible…”


Once I got started on this list I found myself unable to stop:

  • write a book
  • meet my best friend in Vancouver
  • organize a Mama Bliss Retreat this summer
  • set up a six foot long claw foot tub in our bathroom
  • visit my grandma in Peru next Christmas.

The possibilities are endless, intoxicating and some even feel ‘hear-me-roar’ doable!

And just as exhilarating are the little goals that percolated onto the pages; getting to bed early each Wednesday after a hot bath, making more of an effort to make it to my weekly knit nights to connect with my beloved ladies and to simply be more kind.

Oh, how I love my Create Your Incredible Year Workbooks and Planners, the magic that is sparkling in my life already because of them and anticipating the dreams waiting to come true for me in 2013!!!


Thanks so beautiful beautiful K.

May all our biggest dreams and aspirations fly into our lives.

May we craft them out of the woodwork, may we sing them into being with our action.

May we be conscious creators of the biggest, most beautiful life we were born to lead.

All my love,

P.S. You know how my visions and dreams come true, yeah?

A month ago I had a vision that I was supposed to help 10 000 women create incredible lives + businesses in 2013 with my uber cheap + hugely powerful workbooks.

I consider it whole of heart my job in the world to find those women who need this in their lives.

I’m just the messenger. I know this shit works. I know it’s powerful. I know it’s life changing and business changing and world changing.

So far, I’ve managed to find the 7 000 women who are ready to say to their incredible life + business in 2013.

Are you one of the other 3000?

Are you ready to step up + become a conscious creator in your own life and business?