One year ago, I was sitting in our little urban garden with short, wild hair after chopping off all my mermaid hair on my own.

I didn’t have an office to work in, beyond the dilapidated caravan I was renovating, and up the tree of the local park (fun, but not particularly a sustainable or comfortable way of working). I felt a wee bit like a nomad: no comfortable place to rest in the world. Our home was tiny, and we still co-slept with our daughter.

We started the year by deciding: enough was enough.

Actually: it was me who said that. I decided whole-of-heart I needed more support and comfort in my life.

So we went house shopping. Only to decide it wasn’t the right time yet.

So we decided to build an office extension on our house.

And I decided to commit to myself and invest in my business, my health and my dreams.

What this looked like:

I invested in a year of deep healing mentoring with Hiro Boga.

I invested a metric shi*tonne in business coaching and education.

On a wild fangly idea, I invested in bringing my long term assistant over from the US to Australia for a planning retreat. (BEST EVER!)

In March, we finally decided that Proserpine (my hometown) was no longer our forever destiny, and we decided to sell our cottage and move north.

Six weeks later, we moved into an amazing treehouse. I’m SO glad we stepped up and said yes to renting something as beautiful as that treehouse. It was like saying yes to a new dream, committing to ourselves that we were ready for really, reallllly gorgeous things in our lives.

And just a month later (we thought we’d stay in the treehouse for a year at least!) we accidentally found and fell in love with Paradise House – an amazing home on 2.5 acres of land in the rainforest up in the mountains. We just knew it was supposed to be ours.

So we made shit happen, and we DID IT.

First week of August, we started our new life here. It’s felt bloody beautiful every step of the way.


Living here feels like I’ve stepped into the dream of my life I’ve always had.

There my life is. I didn’t think it would ever come true fully, yet here it is.

And then we went on to run sold out private coaching retreats, and had amazing entrepreneurs from all over Australia (and one from Chicago!) come stay with us and learn from me about how to build their beautiful businesses with ease, joy and muchos abundance.

It was thrilling!



There’s been SO many highlights in my life this year:

Our first glimpses of the treehouse and Paradise House. Both of them felt like huge leaps in our life, this beautiful dream ready for us to leap in to. It reminds me of Enid Blyton’s book series about the Faraway Tree. The Faraway Tree is the largest in the forest, and has all sorts of fairies and characters living in her boughs. And the top of her brances lead in to new worlds in the clouds… worlds that are constantly changing.

I think often of Faraway Tree when it feels like I’m about to merge with a new world. Take the leap, climb to the topmost branch, and dive in to the destiny that’s waiting me.

Connecting with even more spiritual business women. It’s just so important to surround yourself with positive women who light you up + are headed in the same direction as you are. (It’s why the Goddess Circle is such a bloody amazing lightbeam, I reckon!)

And I can’t forget mentioning making my 100 Things To Do This Year list come true. Damn amazing, really!

Always blown away by the miracles that happen just by getting clarity about your dreams + desires and devoting your intentions to paper.

I feel immensely changed, uplifted, uplevelled and supported in every area of my life.

I’m just not who I was 12 months ago.

Pure and simple.


My business ain’t the same either.

We doubled in size again this year. We became a half million dollar a year company.

One year ago, I had one part-time assistant. Now we have a full-time Chief Operations Officer, two part-time assistants as well as a supportive team of consultants (graphic design and developer) to help us along the path.

I feel happier than ever with the direction we are going, and now we are on target to meet my soul purpose mission of helping 1 million souls.


All in all:

It feels like my life fits me really well.

I have the house and office I was dreaming of.

I have a business that I scarcely believed was possible (I honestly didn’t think it was doable at all to grow this quickly… there were just tendrils of faith there!)

I feel much more like the living incarnation of my spirit.

It’s been a year of intense transformation.

And shit, I am so grateful and GLAD!



What’s next in 2013?

I’ve already shared at a new idea landing in my lap. A HUGE one.

I’ll be seeing where that seed leads me and how it wants to bloom.

I’ll keep creating my own incredible life and business.

Working in short, focussed, happy two hour blocks.

Spending the majority of my time with my two loves.

Creating powerfully to touch tens of thousands of women at a time.

Leading a revolution in how women earn, lead, learn, shine, grow.

Changing the world every step of the way with the incurable act of joy.


Imagine who we’ll be a year from now!

All my love,

P.S. I had a vision a month ago that I was supposed to help 10 000 women create incredible lives + businesses in 2013 with my uber cheap + hugely powerful workbook.

5 000 women have already said YES, THIS IS MY YEAR TO SHINE.

Are you ready to step up + do the same?