Dear petals,

One of my absolute favourite parts of releasing the Shining Year Workbooks + Planners each year is seeing them out in the wild.

It brings such a smile to my dial to see you at home in your pj’s, drinking chai tea with your cat flopped over on top of your workbooks. It puts all of the time + dedication into perspective and the reward of seeing others enjoy your pride + joy is overwhelmingly amazing.

We’ve received photos from all over the world – from Utah to New Zealand, from Pakistan to Barbados. Where haven’t these babies been? I’m prettttttty sure they have more damn passport stamps than me! (Well… I only have three truth be told. India, Malaysia + Singapore. Ain’t so bad!)


Anywaysies… after going through over ONE THOUSAND photos for this year’s #2016planner Social Media Competition, we have narrowed it down to our most scenic + most creative choices!

The lucky winners will each receive a 1-year Shining Biz & Life Academy membership (worth $497!)

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The winner of the most scenic…

Kristin Weis

Photo Courtesy: Kristin Weis in Ísafjörður, Iceland

This is bloody breathtaking.  Not to mention, cold, so very cold there would be holes in your book from whence your nipples have scored holes in them… but oh so beautiful, natural and untouched.

Most creative…

Regina Jessup

Photo Courtesy: Regina Jessup

Talk about creative! For a moment there I totally shit my pants squealed gleefully thinking my planners actually made it on the news! SUCH A GREAT IDEA!


And… because we couldn’t choose… we have TWO MORE winners. Because… holy doooooley guys… you all put in SO MUCH EFFORT… I HAVE to reward it.

Video Courtesy: Marcela Macias

Okay, so this competition has been amazing and Marcela took it up to ANOTHER LEVEL GUYS! Between the video + the adorable storybook voice, this is defo SUPER fun!!


Congrats to @hapmanohar!

This one took my breath away.  I can’t quite believe she face-painted herself up to be totally mermaidish and camouflage right in with the books!

All our winners: please email support@leoniedawson.com to claim your Academy membership prize!

Congrats to our winners!!!

And now, for some honourary mentions…


There is just something about this picture that makes my heart sing.



Stunning, stunning photo. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY STANNNNDING??????????


Perfect hippy.


Two images from Mum’s Business Club which cracked me up:

Filling out the workbooks in the backseat of the car…

and oh the gleeee in my heart from seeing so many brilliant women together!

12654326_1036787483050442_4593146803206762440_n northside flower market

Stunning photo. Oh and WHAT A SURPRISE… Done by a florist!


“There’s no split decision between having an amazing life or an amazing biz! With Leonie Dawson’s #2016planners I can have BOTH!”


“Leonie Dawson‘s workbook is soooooooo good! I can’t freakin put it down….
WARNING: side effects can include extended throne time & housemate friction in houses where there’s only one bathroom… & only one copy… So increase the peace…buy one for YOU & YOUR ROOMIE!!!!!!!!! “

womansspace rolla

“May not look like much, but this is the most #creative and #scenic place in my life, the vision that has become a reality.”


“Because goals are dreams with deadlines.” Ready for 2016 with @leonie_dawson workbooks and planners! 


Snow angels and Shining life planning! #2016planners


“Getting ready for a Shining Year! Meetup tonight with our #2016workbooks by Leonie Dawson at @womanspace_rolla. These are life and biz changers! ❤️❤️❤️”

Thank you SO much for sharing your photos!

It brings me SO MUCH delight to see you all using them…

and if you haven’t already, make sure you join the 2016 Shining Year workbookers group on Facebook!

Big love + gratitude,


P.S. FYI: we’re down to our last few boxes of printed books + won’t be reprinting this year! One of you is going to score one of the lucky last ones to score one! Don’t miss out!!! And no… stop self-sabotaging… it is NOT TOO LATE to do your 2016 planning! READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!)



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