Hola possums,

This is something that comes up every.single.ding.dang.year.

As soon as we get past – say – January 6 – peeps start freaking out that they haven’t done their planning for 2016.

And they throw up their hands and go:

Oh well.
I missed the opportunity.
Maybe next year.

So I want to do this public service announcement…

Is it TOO LATE to plan for 2016?

Shouldn’t I have all my resolutions in place on January 1?

Let me answer this with three words: Absoloodely, 100% NOT.

New Year’s Day is NOT the “Use By Date” for setting resolutions for the new year.

I have no idea why we got that idea stuck in our heads, but it’s worth chucking out the window.

We have women buying the yearly planning workbook right up until NOVEMBER of that year – and say it was still 100% worth it because of the results they got from it.

It’s just like saying:

Have I waited too long?
Am I too old?
Am I too late for my dreams?

I’ll tell you when it’s too late:

It’s when you never begin at all.
When you give up because you won’t have 365 perfect days under your belt.
When you think it’s too late to make a change, so why bother at all?

The Perfect Time To Create Your Shining Year (And Life. And Business.)

The perfect time to create your shining year is NOW.

Right where you are this moment. Right here.

It’s the point in time when you decide you are a conscious creator of your life and business.

It’s never ever too late to start crafting the business and life you want.

It’s only too late when you don’t start at all.

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“It is January 11!!!! Too late to set goals for 2016!!!! Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to write goals and make my dreams come true. LOLLLLLZ NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT”

One Thing I’ve Been Noticing…

Something I’ve been noticing in my world, and other entrepreneur’s worlds this year is this —

We’re all a bit burnt out. We’re still in holiday mode. Still soaking up the lessons from 2015.

Our heads haven’t swivelled towards 2016 yet.

Year planning definitely is happening a little later this year than usual.

It’s not just you.

As long as it gets DONE, that’s the main thing.


Want to see my own personal behind-the-scenes proof that goal setting works?

I’m doing my year-end reviews for my 2016 Create Your Shining Year in Biz goals workbook, including historical financials. I just pulled this from our stats… year in, year out growth for 6 years running (since I started recording financials properly!) I’m soooooooooo proud of what we’ve achieved… and excited what we can create in 2016.

If you’re not doing yearly business planning in your business, you’re doing yourself, your income, your company, your staff + your customers a HUGE disservice and not achieving the potential you have. If you’re committed to growth, this is what it takes. No excuses – just dedication and disciplined action towards your dreams.

How I’m doing my life + biz planning this year in my company

I’m doing it just as I do nearly every year:


2013 & 2015 planning…

I fill out my Life goals workbook first, and will add to it and revise and review as I go throughout the year. I always set a goal for when to complete it, and that’s usually before end of January.

My Biz goals workbook usually takes more time. I start by filling out all the review pieces for 2015, looking at what works, what our highest selling products are, what our wins and our challenges are. First I tend to take note of all my own reflections and experiences, then I start polling and interviewing my staff to find out their perceptions and experiences and insights so I can get a well-rounded picture of the company from the ground up.

IMG_2295sml IMG_2273sml

2014 planning…

Once I’ve done that process in the workbook, I can start looking at planning ahead for the next year. This usually happens for me every February or March, because January is too batshit insane busy-crazy for me because – whatdoyaknow – we actually SELL workbooks then.

ldi management

Grantacular our General Manager + his wifey JenJen are coming over to Australia for a month to stay with us in Feb, so we can run the Shining Business Academy retreat. Sone our new Operations Manager will come down from Sydney as well for some in person retreating. We will spend the majority of our time working through the workbooks together to map out the next year for the company.


It’s such a useful framework to use when running internal business planning retreats. In fact, the Biz workbook was created from exactly that – the questions I used to use every year for my annual business planning retreats! It’s what I’ve used in my own business for many years now, and is absolutely one of the success factors behind our high-growth high-profit high-happiness $2m a year company.

Just remember: Right Where You Are Right NOW Is A Point Of Power

It’s the moment when you choose to step up, to say yes.

It’s the moment you craft your destiny from.

Who you want to be today, in this moment. Where you want to find yourself in 12 months, at the end of your life.

It’s all a blank canvas, waiting for you to take up the brush and carve it in colours in the way YOU want.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

YOU are the knight in shining armour.

You are your soulmate, your best friend, your cheerleader with pom poms.

You have infinite choices, infinite power, infinite abilities.

All you need do is claim. Claim your choices, claim your responsibility.

And, let me say it again because it’s just so important:

The perfect time to create your incredible year is NOW.


The Rules of Achievement

I fee like we should talk about this more. That every kid at school should be taught this.

Here’s the population research of success:

  • 80% of the population do NOT have goals
  • 16% THINK of their goals but don’t write them down
  • 3% write down their goals but don’t look at them again
  • and just 1% – just ONE PERCENT – of the population write down their goals and regularly review them… and it THESE people who are among the highest achievers in society.

The research lays out VERY clearly what you need to do to make your dreams come true:

  • Think of your goals
  • Write them down
  • Regularly review them.

The 2016 Create Your Shining Year product collection helps you do just that.

millionaire billionaire quote

Got it?


Let’s go create our miracles, dearest.

Our dream lives + businesses are waiting for us. The world is too.

Go get your workbooks.

Go join the workbook group (10,000 goal-getting goddesses united!)

And go make your dreams happen!

love love love,


P.S. I keep getting these questions, so I’m going to answer them here incase you’re wondering too:

YES, we’ve still got some printed 2016 Biz & Life workbooks in stock.

YES, we’ve still got some printed 2016 Shining Year Diaries in stock.

YES, you can still buy them.

YES, we ship EVERYWHERE around the world.

And NO, they won’t be around forever. We WILL be out of stock v soon. We’re 80% of the way through our stock and won’t be repurchasing. So if you are ready to make 2016 your best year yet in life and/or business… you need to get your orders NOW.


A HUGE amount of peeps have NO idea that the 2016 Create Your Shining Year workbooks + planners are SO cheap. They all thought they were way more expensive and were holding out from getting them because of that!!!

Yes, I could charge more. Yes, I hear ALL the time that they are much more valuable and powerful than that price. I know that. I’m not underpricing them because I undervalue them.

I make them so cheap because I want every single woman who needs them to be able to invest in them. I want you to create your shining life and business, and I know these planners will help.

I want you to live your dreams for one simple reason:

Because I know when you do, you’ll be alight. You’ll shine so bright you’ll help thousands of others to light up. And I know, whole of heart, that when women step up to live their dreams, it will change this world. In big, beautiful, profound ways. In ways it is aching for.

P.P.S. Been waiting for your moment to say YES?

Here it is babe. Today’s the day. You DESERVE this.

Claim your shining year ahead right here.



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