Hola gorgeous souls!

It’s nearly that time of year… workbook time!

I wanted to let you know when they will be released + some changes that will be coming + why I’m making those changes. And what’s a Leonie post without a yarn (that’s Australian for “story-telling”) + a catch-up too?

First, the official stuff!

When the workbooks will be released:

By end of October.

Changes to the 2018 product offering:

  • 2018 Biz and Life workbooks WILL be produced as printed workbooks and ebooks again.
  • 2018 Biz and Life e-books will be given to all my Academy members as usual.
  • There will be changes to the print process of the Biz and Life printed workbooks. They will no longer be spiral bound or have the documents envelope at the back. They will be pared back to a simpler print production.
  • They will be produced as print-on-demand and will be ordered through a third party website. More details on that soon.
  • Planner/diary, to do list pads and wall planners will NOT be released this year. These were an addendum to my core offering, and I am not as passionate about them as I am about those workbooks. They are also not as profitable as the workbooks.
  • At this stage, I will NOT be reopening the workbook Facebook group. It’s been a relatively new side-bonus, one that was invented by one of my past employees that wasn’t in alignment with my original vision. I understand it was a happy place for many people for a time, and I am grateful for that. I take my role as space-holder and energy-upholder for community spaces very seriously, and I will not hold a space half-heartedly.

Why I’m making these changes:

I am going to be making some important changes to my product offering for 2018 in order to simplify + reduce stress for myself. Printing + distributing 80,000+ products across 100 countries in a 3 month timeline got to the point where it was no longer fun for me as a business model. Printing through China + sending via 3 boats to 3 different countries, getting them through Customs, and into 3 distribution centres to then be sent out via numerous postage services to get them into customer’s hands was, frankly, a fucking logistical nightmare that consumed a whole year… by which time I needed to start work on the next year’s workbooks. It was just a level of complexity and financial outlay that I am no longer happy to do.

I have investigated whether partnering with a publishing company was the right move forward. It wasn’t, for various reasons. So this is the right way forward for right now.

I’m incredibly grateful for the success I’ve had with these workbooks. I’m so grateful that they’ve been so deeply loved and adored. And I need to make a shift to how and what I produce to keep it sane and joyful for me.

You’re most welcome to ask questions by emailing support@leoniedawson.com.

Please, however, do not use this space to process your feelings about this. That is for your journal or your therapist. I am not asking for feedback. I can’t make everybody happy in this, and I refuse to sacrifice my energy, time and family for things that do not feel right or good to me. If what I offer resonates with you, great. If it doesn’t, please find something else that does.

Let’s make miracles happen…

I’m delighted to offer up these beauties for their ninth season… they’ve changed mine + so many others’ lives.

The power of goals, wrapped in rainbows and love.

I’ll of course share + update when they are available for purchase!

What I’m up to…

It feels odd to send you a letter without some sharing!

What HAVE I been up to?

Goodness me… where to begin?

Taking long service leave from blogging + social media has been so refreshing. It feels like it’s been rewiring my brain in a good way. I’ve written a wee illustrated zine about the experience… will share with you soon.

Happily homeschooling. I also now have TWO horse-riding daughters now, oh heart of beaming hearts! I grew up with horses, mustering cattle, and it’s been my forever wish that I would have children who would find their soul’s home too on a horse’s back. I even went on my first trail ride with Mermaid Daughter #1, on one wet, wild, woolly day. I could burst with joy and pride!

There’s also been visits from two sets of cousins, and a visit from my Wild Bushman Dad. We’ve been on a long drive to the ocean to taste the salt air. We’ve been working our way through reading together all of Roald Dahl’s books – another one of those parenting dreams come true. There’s been art + playdates + long walks + rejoicing in the return of the sun in the backyard.

Most of all, I’m ridiculously content. I feel like I’ve really come into my stride as a parent. Homeschooling has been so damn fulfilling – more than I ever expected it to be.

It’s been a joyful, good season of life.

And whilst it looks like it’s muchos quiet on the business front, behind the scenes it is full steam ahead.

I’m still doing my monthly coaching + new classes for my Shining Biz + Life Academy for my 3,000 members.

Me + Mr D have been working together on the 2018 workbooks. I just did final revisions on it this afternoon while watching Pride + Prejudice for the billionth time. (NO, NOT THE KIERA KNIGHTLEY VERSION YOU PHILISTINE! ORIGINAL BBC SERIES OR NOTHING!)


I also just broke a world record for building the fastest doTERRA business – it’s now generating about $500k a year, but I’ll double that again in the next couple of months.  I like to joke that I’ll never be the type to climb Mount Everest or run a marathon but give me a business world record to beat and I am ALL OVER IT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

It’s been a fun, wild ride… I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Mostly I just get tremendous satisfaction from other people seeing how essential oils can change their life like they did mine… and also helping people who want to build abundant doTERRA businesses do it lightning fast.

More dodeets (aka: doTERRA details! ha!):

Also, 2017 has really been a freaking STELLLLLAR year for me on the musicians front. I met James Taylor. I got to see Amanda Palmer in concert. And this morning I had a Skype tea date with another one of my top 5:

Ben Motherfucking LEEEEEEEEEEEEE! His album “Awake is the New Sleep” has been on constant rotation in my house for the last 10 years. I only listen to about 5 albums like that. He’s had an amazing music career since he was 14, acted in the brilliant The Rage in Placid Lake, is a death doula, activist, philanthropist and all round stellar bloke. And… he’s also just created a successful doTERRA business as well.

We had so much to yarn about – creativity, business, essential oils + our surprising career moves.

I managed to keep my fangirl way in check. I think. Meh, fuck it. He’s a rad soul and I delight in that.

My favourite quotes from him from this morning:

“Part of being a creative is deciding something is cool before anybody else does”


“You can’t do anything big in the world without getting a bloody nose.”

We decided there’s so much to talk about, we’d do a free webinar/public-talk-shit together. More deets to come soon. In the meantime, I’ll be over here squeeeeeeeeeeing my heart out!

To big dreams come true,