Dearest souls,

Annnnnnnnnnd they are up.

2018 goals workbooksGolden and glittering and sparkling.

You can now buy the printed books on Amazon:

Biz printed workbook:

Life printed workbook:

If ya love ’em, I’d gratefully love a review.

Digital ebook versions available here:

It’s a joy to see them emerge into the world, into your waiting hands and loving hearts.

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

But… the diaries! To do list pads! Wall planners! WHERE ARE THEY?

Sorry poppets, but I’m not producing them this year for a few reasons. You can read about those here.

Do you sell the printed books in Australia anywhere but Amazon?

Sorry, no. I’m hopeful that when Amazon opens here this month they will stock them, but I have no clue whether that will happen.

Will you re-open the Workbook Facebook group?

Not at this time.


And then a story about Emergency Room Zen Monk Insights…

Last week we’ve had one of Those Parenting Weeks that included so many doctors appointments and x-rays and an emergency room wait so long that I feel like I was at a Zen Monk Initiation Ceremony.

(We’re all okay now thank the Great Goddess AND the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!)

But in a startling insight… probably one brought about because I’m an initiated Zen Monk ordained by Her Holiness The Emergency Room… I’ve decided I probably just need to start creating and sharing again. Because it’s a bit fucking boring not to be, and I create and share because it’s good for my soul first and foremost.

So this morning I was up at buttfuck o’clock with the kids, and leapt out of my couch where I’d been drinking my peppermint tea and my husband said “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

And I said: “I HAVE AN IDEA!” and ran for pens and paper and started drawing and writing away. And he just watched and smiled, and I could tell behind his eyes, he was thinking “About damn time, lady.” It was like he’d missed Wild Idea Woman, prone to throwing herself into ink at the slightest whim. I get it. I missed her too.

More soon. But for now… 2018 GOALS WORKBOOKS!!!!! GOLDEN AND GLITTERING AND NEW!!!

Big love,



P.S. I just wanted to say a deep thank you for your love, patience and understanding as I retreated into the cave. It was needed. And I hope whatever wishes to come through next will be that much more alight because of it.

P.P.S. Loving request: I’m not in the mood to promo the fuck out of the workbooks this year. Usually it’s an immense energetic, brain + financial load to do that much advertising, and I don’t wish to do it this time. So if the workbooks are something that people in your life need, please share it with them. Word-of-mouth, heart-to-heart. That’s how the workbook-word will have to spread this year!