This morning

I woke up

to a nuzzling daughter

and a grinning husband.

And I walked outside

and it was like a chorus of sunshine

and angels

“Here she is!!!!!”

they said.

And they washed me all over in light

and it was the sweetest miracle gift

in the world.

“Is there anything you want?”

they asked.

And I looked back over our

little cottage

and the space where my new little caravan office will be

and I could hear my love and daughter

and I looked over this little piece of land

that we are making our own

with rainbow painted sculptures

and fruit trees blooming

and gardens sprouting everywhere.

And I couldn’t think of anything

I needed

that I hadn’t already been given.

And then I thought of something.

“My anxiety. If you could take away anxiety, that would be good.”

And then I thought for a moment.

“But then again, my anxiety is useful. It always teaches me when to pull back, when to rest more, when things have become too much. And if I can keep using it as an indicator, instead of ignoring the warning light until I’ve run out of fuel… then it could all work out beautifully, you know?”


So there it was.

Not one single thing in the world I would change.


And just like that, as I type this in bed on the morning of my birthday,

in that instant of

Not one single thing in the world I would change

a tiny turquoise blue feather

drifts down onto my bed.


I kid you not.

Miracles are all around us.


Happy birthing day, Leonie.

You are my best friend, my muse, my inspiration,

the one who makes me giggle snort the mostest.

I love who you are, how wild & dreamy you are,

I love your blend of introvert, dancing queen, shakalaka wise woman & five year old kid

that thinks everything is 

pretty much the best ever.

I don’t wanna be

anyone else but you.



P.S. We’re going to be together! Forever! And it’s going to be the most fun EVER!


Thank you for celebrating with me, dearest hottie cakes.

My world is a thousand times more awesome because of you,

my goddess tribe spread all over this amazing world.


You make my heart sing!

P.S. The title of this post? It was written in my card from my love this morning. He writes the best cards. The perfect blend of love & humour & wishes & kindness. HOTTTTTTT.