Hola my darlinghearts,

It’s my last day of being 28.

I’m so excited to be turning 29.

When I think of 29, I feel:


I’ve already done the hard yards. Now it’s just integration & stability time. Hurrah!

I feel like I’ve done a bloody momentous job out of being 28.

I look back & think:

Wow, I really lived the SHIT out of that year!

I totally used up those 365 days!


So I’ve been reflecting

It’s November…

the perfect time to look back over my own 2011 Creating my Goddess Year workbook

and see what’s in there…

see what came true,

see what didn’t need to come true,

see what seeds I want to harvest,

see what dreams I could still make happen in the next six weeks.


Mission: Completion

I really want to invite you to live the holycrapper out of your year.

Dive in to your own workbook & see what dreams you can still make happen.

There’s still so much to love & live & celebrate!!!


What’s Coming


I’m compiling the 2012 Creating my Goddess Year workbook + planner.

Will release as soon as I can.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover.


And a happy high fiving reminder!

As a reminder, all Goddess Circle members will get the 2011 workbook instantly when they sign up (along with all the rest of my courses, meditation kits + workbooks)…

AND they’ll get the 2012 workbook as soon as it’s released.

The Goddess Circle is the best way I can give you EVERYTHING I create… to help you live your most amazing goddess life.

Because you really are a goddess.

Just like me. Just like all the women in this world.

The more we remember the brighter everything shines.


It’s all a big ding dang dream come true,

love your 28.9999 year old,


P.S. Remember: go back through your 2011 workbook! Make it all complete before 2012 arrives! <3