Gorgeous one,

Rapid fire. 4 Fab Tips For Max Radiance.

How to optimise your life so you SHINE SHINE SHINE from the inside out.

Ready? Let’s GO:

1. Get to sleep earlier.

I’m serious, babycakes. 9:30 is my limit. I need to be all cuddled up between my daughter & husbo every night before then, or else I am toast. Devastatingly tired. Sometimes I think I’ll be a big girl & stay up until midnight. But for the seedy hours I’ve gleaned by cutting sleep, I’ve detracted from my overall wellbeing and radiance.

This mama likes juice. Sleep is what gives it to her.

2. Get a food allergy test.

Our bodies are remarkable thangs. SO individual. SO exquisite.
And SO not able to consume everything that’s in our present diet.
After 30 years of eating a certain way, I got tested.
And found out I was allergic to 80% of the foods I consumed:
gluten, dairy, eggs, almonds, cashews, soy.
I promptly consoled myself by eating a chocolate cheesecake.
And once I got over it, I got to work on cleaning up my diet & eating allergy free.
Eating foods that didn’t make my body sick or clogged up.
Eating foods that made me radiant.
Hands down, best thing I’ve ever done.
Found out what my body didn’t like. And found what it loved instead.

3. Let’s Move Tonight (Share The Spice Of Life, Weeeooo, Weeeeoooo)

If you don’t like sports, don’t dooooooeeeeeeeeeet.
If you hate long walks on the beach, don’t doooooooooeeeet.
If the word “exercise” gives you hives, change the name.

Instead, find movement that lights you up.

Maybe it’s yoga. Tae kwon do. Pois. Hula hooping. Wii-ing. Riding on a pretty blue coaster bike with streamers.

There can be SO much fun. SO many opportunities for blissful movement and joy.

(It’s why we wrote a whole huge page of exercise options for the Radiant Goddess program!)

Exercise doesn’t have to suck, you know.

It CAN be fun and good for your spirit too.

4. Shag more.

Best exercise ever.
Whether it’s a team sport or an individual effort, I think it’s the best way to get sweaty EVAH.

Hey, if this Scorpio goddess doesn’t tell you, who will?


That’s probably the best ending to a blog post EVER.

Let’s go radiate!



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