Hola gorgeous soul!



In so many bazillionoid ways.

My mission for you today:

Write a glorious, juicy list of ALL the ways that you are AWESOME.

I guarantee it will shift your mindset + make your day shiny like no other!

I’ll start!


Five Ways I Am Awesome:

1. I really try to be a loving mama & partner & goddess.

2. I am totally cool with gigglesnorting.

3. I like to whisper love songs to the tender parts of souls.

4. I see smells as colours.

5. When I was 14, I remember standing in line to go to class. And a girl was carrying on with something mean. And I said to her: Do you love yourself? She stared at me and stammered Ummm, no, why would I do that?

Because I really love myself. Maybe you should too. Everyone needs to love themselves.

I want to cuddle my 14 year old self. You rock, lil Leonie. I love you to ze moon and back and back and back!


Count your ways now, dearest. How amazing are you?


big love you x a gazillion