(Miss Ostara getting her Creative Goddess ON. That girl was ensconced in Happy Paint World for at least half an hour today. And DUDE. She’s TWO. Any mama of a two year old would be amazed at that span of attention! I certainly was!)


G’day gorgeous soul!

Just a few hours left to enrol in my powerful + popular Creative Goddess program. Are you in it?


Let me tell you *why* creativity is ESSENTIAL to money, business + happiness and why YOU are missing out on time, money + a shiz tonne of joy if you haven’t harnessed this incredible power in your life yet.

1. ALERT! ALERT! Your Voice Is Missing In The World! We Need You!

When you get creatively blocked, you are afraid of speaking in your own voice.

You don’t share share your light, or your vision of the world. And holy dinger, we NEED IT girl. We NEED what YOU have to offer. And you do too. Inside you is all the wisdom you’ll ever need to heal you, make you more courageous + live that incredible life of your dreams. But you gotta connect with here. You gotta have an amazing relationships with your inner muse. And the Creative Goddess program will teach you how to do just that.

2. When you aren’t in the creative flow, you aren’t making what you were born to make

There are books and artworks and plays and movies and journals and retreats and coaching programs and a hundred thousand ideas yet to manifest inside you. And when you’re not making them, you’re missing out. So are we. You’re here to help thousands and thousands of lives. And you can only do that by creating.

3. Creativity is the Ultimate Productivity Booster

Peeps are often amazed at how much I’m able to create in such little time. I run a half million dollar a year company in just a few hours a day, leaving plenty of time for family, friends, adventures + mornings at the beach. Wanna know HOW I get to be so flipping productive in the short time I use to work.

And it’s easy – I’m so connected to my inner muse, to my creative guides, that when I sit down to write a blog post, craft a newsletter, design new images or do a podcast, that all I do is show up and turn on the switch. And out it flows – a constant stream of what needs to be said, what has to be created. It’s effortless for me, because I’m not straining to hear my muse. She’s just there, and I’m taking dictation.

Thus, I’m able to write and create and design quicker than anyone else. I ain’t got no fear gunk holding me back. I’m not stymied in the pools of indecision. I’m taking great strides in the direction of my dreams, and creating the miracles inside me. And I’ll teach you exactly how to do just the same thing with the Creative Goddess program – write and design and make decisions quicker and easier than ever before. Once you’re connected to your creative, intuitive muse, ain’t nothing gonna hold you back.

4. Your Idea Well Ain’t Never Gonna Run Out

Someone once asked me “are you ever gonna run outta ideas, Leonie?”

After years of this work, thousands of blog posts, two books, hundreds of paintings, dozens of e-courses, meditation kits and workbooks… my inspiration well is just as brimming as ever before.

I’m not that old stigma of a creatively blocked artist or writer of ye olden days who exhibit addictive tendencies and questionable mental health. That’s the OLD way of being creative.

The NEW way of being creative is it being a luscious, wholeness to your soul. For the inspiration to be unlimited, your abundance to be wide open possible, for creativity to bring you the deepest amount of joy to your world possible.

In short: the ideas you need + crave for the perfect unfoldment of your creative journey, your soulful journey or your business journey? Will always be there.

(A muchos younger me with a painting I did as a teenager (bonus: a very cute baby!)

5. It’s effing powerful.

It truly is. To step into your creative goddess self. To write the stories that are inside you, to paint what must be painted, to let out from inside you the miracles that must be birthed… it’s what turns you into the person who you are meant to be.

Often people ask me how I got to be so dang wise when I’m still a relatively young bunny.

My answer is this:

“I wrote my way there…”

All I’ve ever needed to learn was the wisdom was inside me. My writing and my paintings and everything that I’ve ever created – has taught me profoundly.

What’s more, it’s gone on to touch tens of thousands of people. It has helped people heal. It has helped people grow. It has helped people let go of their shit and start shining instead.

That’s effing powerful.

Not to mention, it’s created an incredibly abundant lifestyle for me + my family. Next week we’ll be moving into the incredible home + acreage that we have always dreamed of. We’ve got sold out retreats coming up soon. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am able to create any miracle that I want.

That’s what it means to be a Creative Goddess.

Want to be this powerful, this in tune, this endlessly productive?

Join me in the Creative Goddess program. Enrolments close in just a few hours!


Let’s create those miracles you were born to make.