Gotta be real here:

I was in a shitter of a mood the other day.

My daughter had been awake upteen times the night before.

It was raining which I used to love when I was kid-free, but pile in a toddler + 2 dogs, and it means confined bedlam.

I was crotechety + couldn’t find my direction, for which I’ll blame the current odd alignments of planets (MERCURY + URANUS RETROGRADES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU!)

I had two choices:

Stay crotchety + take my rightful place on the throne of Queen Grumpy Bum + get snitchetty with my adorable daughter + hot husbo (thus making a crotchety day into an even worse one!)

.. or..

Get myself out of it.

Improve my own mood.

Before we get to the thrilling finale of that story, let me side-saddle you onto another horsey for a moment.

Let me answer the much asked question for you:


How I Get To Be So Damn Happy


People ask me this shit ALL the time.


And sometimes, if they are a particular Eeyore-a-saurus who hasn’t actually met me:

Surely she’s fake. Like srsly.

And then they meet me, and I swear a lot, and laugh a lot, and I am like an infectious disease of happiness, and they get it:

Ohhhhhh. It really is possible.

I’m a Pollyanna, and a gladbeam, and the most ostentatiously irrepressible optimist on the planet.

And I see the good in things. The beauty that is everywhere.

But I’m not some golden haired buddha that got hit by the happy stick on the way down and ordained to be Forever Happy.

If you think that, that’s just not true.

The truth of the happy bug is?

I work for that shit.

I choose it. Every single day.

I can choose to be a jaded whining assbug.

Or I can choose to have a delightful time.

And guess what always is more fun to be?


So I do the stuff that makes me happy, and I choose the good things.

And guess what?

Good things ALWAYS follow.


A Special Note To Eeyores


If you’re waiting for something to come along and make you happy, you’re waiting for something that isn’t going to come.

Because even when you get the dream house, lose the crappy job, find your dream man…

You’re still going to be there.

You, who is used to feeling like shit.

You, who doesn’t know that you’ve got the power to make yourself happy.

You, who feels like you are a helpless victim of your feelings, instead of the crafter of your emotions.

As the title of the Jon Kabat-Zinn book goes:

Wherever You Go, There You Are.

So you might as well go wherever you go with a self-made happiness.

You might as well as well make best friends with your self.



When Bad Shiz Happens


I’m not a superhuman.

Bad shiz happens to me too.

The difference is how I respond to the shiz.

I don’t be all


I’m all:

Oh gosh. This thing happened. Oh gosh, I feel really sad about this. Okay, let’s sit with this. Let me understand why this feels so bad. What is it I need to do to learn from this? What can I give myself right now? What do I need to do right now?


Every Single Moment Is A Choice


Will I take this as an affront, or will I take this as a blessing?

Will I have fun, or will I be an Eeyore?

Will I love the shit outta my life, or will I live the shit outta someone else’s?

Will I sigh, or will I smile?

Will I be happy, or will I stay stuck in the sad?


Here’s the thing:

It gets easier and easier to choose each time.

Once you start choosing happy, once you start seeing Joy is an option, it increasingly becomes your default setting.

And there’s a zillion things you can do to improve your mood.

To make you happy.

To make your spirit glow again.

To turn your day around.



I’m going to share with you a sure-fire way to turn your frown upside down…


Are you ready for this?

Really, really ready to hear about what can make a big old difference to your mood?





I hear you say.

Art. I used to make it… ugh… I haven’t in years.


I’m not an artist? I can barely draw a stick figure!


*sigh* I love art… and yet I hate what I make. It never looks like the way I want it too.


I’m just not that good enough. Everyone else has the magic art touch, but not me.




And you lose Creativity As A Happy Place

Which is bullshit, I reckon.

No matter what anyone has ever said to you.

No matter how critical your parents were about creativity or art or what you made. No matter what any teacher said. No matter what your inner voices said about your art.

If it didn’t make you feel good, it’s not the truth.

What’s more, those bullshit voices – whether inner or outer – are robbing you of some truly precious things:

A huge amount of happy time.

Your expression, your gift and your vision that the world needs to hear.

What’s more, if you don’t have a great relationship with creativity, it has some more pretty insidious effects:

You are afraid of your voice.

You have yet to discover the wisdom inside you that’s ready to be guiding you like an intuitive light.

And if you own a business, or have ever dreamt of receiving an income from your creativity, it means you are losing the BIG trifecta:

Time. Shizloads of money. And all the incredible creations you haven’t created yet.

We need to align our ideas of creativity. And we need to do it – urgently.


I don’t have hang ups that other peeps have about art.


I’m not one to tear a picture up in frustration.

I accept the mistakes, and I see them as sacred and needed. Like the hand of the universe has stretched itself out and directed my hand to where it needed to be.

I’m not one to say “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”

Because nobody gives a shit about stick figures. And art isn’t about realism. It’s not about your paper resembling the tree or face in front of you.

It’s about creating whatever is inside you in the ways you were born to do.

Creativity can be truly sacred. It can be a healing practice.

It can bring you a HUGE amount of joy.


So that day? That I Was Queen Cranky Town?

I made a choice.

I decided to not denigrate the day into a serial whinefest.

Instead, I got out an oversized journal.

Some watercolours, some washi tape, some ink pens, some beautiful Waldorf pencils.

And I made art.

I created.

I let the words rain out, the images build onto the page.

I let my daughter add her destruction delightful and much needed designs to it.

And I got the heck out of Cranky Town, took the one way ticket to Blissville.


There is ALWAYS a way to Blissville.

First it starts with you CHOOSING to get out of Grumps Town.

And there’s plenty of ways of getting there…

but the Creativity Train is a pretty friggin spectacular way of doing it.


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