Since I’ve been spending so much time off my phone and away from social media, I’ve freed up so much brain space to think about the important shit.

So, what’s on the agenda now?

Well. Today I’m filling up the glorious brain space left by the absence of social media with…

*epic drumroll please*

A brain dump of 6 ways you can grow your biz this month!!!

Because while it’s important to have a long term business goals, remember that you should also be breaking these down into daily, weekly and monthly goals. And there ain’t no time like the present to get rolling with action and start making dosh!

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So without further ado (or any more mentions of donkey genitalia… well… I can promise NOTHING), let’s crack into it:

1 :: Package your products or services in a special bundle just for this month

Got a spa? You could bundle together two treatments and a take home mud mask. Call it Self Care Deluxe.

Got a business where you sell wine tubs emblazoned with randy sayings? Package together four and call it the BFFs Get Boozy Bundle – where peeps can buy for their closest mates, and share a cup of (erotically charged) dessert wine together over Zoom. And yes, I DO ONLY DRINK SWEET DESSERT WINE. Of COURSE I do. I have the palate and sensibility of a teenager! Did you REALLY expect me to drink like… chardonnay? I AM NOT MATURE ENOUGH FOR THAT, SHARON.

Now, as I was saying: BUNDLE shit as a special deal only for this month (or the next 3 days, or week, or whatever). Bundles are a novelty and an experience for customers!

2 :: Have a Daily Referral Experiment

Commit to reaching out to a friend, family member or business associate everyday. Ask them how they are. Catch up. Be thoughtful. Tell them what you’re doing. Ask them to tell anyone they know who may need you.

Even in the world of online, word of mouth is key! Connections and relationships are powerful.

So are donkey schlongs, APPARENTLY (I made NO promises. I told you that. Also: what if I tried to mention donkey dicks in every article I wrote? It would be like a little easter egg for you to find. A hallmark of Leonie Quality. Email me, and tell me if you agree this is the GREATEST IDEA YOU’VE EVER HEARD. If you don’t agree, please don’t tell me. Why are you even here? There are like a billion beige business motherfuckers out there who will talk marketing all day long and not ONCE mention donkey dicks. I know, revolutionary! I don’t know how they manage it either, to be honest.)

3. Remember that sales + marketing skills are not something you are born with.

It may surprise you to know that lil ole Leonie Dawson was not born good with the moneys or the business or the marketing. Or logic, or social skills, or eye contact, or behaving in risk-free and thoughtful ways.

Oh NO. Those are all things they had to LEARN later on in life.

It’s like this: I learned not to put knives into toasters to pluck out stuck bread because I have a kind and thoughtful husband who reminds me VERY often that it is not an appropriate life choice to make. I stand there, knife in hand, blink at him and yell “Don’t tell me what to do! I’m a grown adult!” before putting down the knife and stepping away, muttering, from said toaster.

So I, a certifiable labrador with a brain the size of a mid-sized bird can learn how to:

  1. Create $11m in revenue in 10 hours a week
  2. Look after the moneys instead of binge spending it all on Wizz Fizz sherbert and magicians in purple capes
  3. Do like that whole sales and marketing and business thing, and do it like, pretty goodly, and in like a fun way,
  4. Not electrocute themselves very often

You, too, can do the same thing!

Seriously though:

When I was in my early 20s, I had some BIG DREAMS, and no freaking idea how to make them happen. I had a fledgling business, but couldn’t work out how to get the money flowing in large enough amounts for me to live off. It felt frustrating and disheartening and I despaired at ever being able to have a creative career.

It was then I had a light bulb moment: there are other people out there who HAVE mastered business and marketing. They’ve just learned things I haven’t learned yet. And once I learn them, I can create success too!

So I set about learning everything I didn’t know. And not just learning it, but implementing and testing each piece. Seeing what worked for me and my audience, and letting go what didn’t. And then building on the successes again and again, until I hit the goal I wanted: first $30k a year… then $60k… then $100k… then $300k… then $500k… and it’s continued up from there. At its peak I hit around $3m a year with a large team in place. Then I rejigged my business back to just me and a part time assistant, and we hit around $1m a year but generating more profit than ever before.

Anyways, the point being:

That few inches between your ears is going to be the generator of all your success. Invest in it. Remember that business, sales and marketing skills are all learnable. It’s not something you have to be born with… you get to CHOOSE it.

4 :: Have a regular way you reach out to customers.

If you haven’t got a newsletter, make one. If you’ve got one, be more consistent!

Create useful content. Remind people of the ways you can help them. Be of service & joy to your humans!

5 :: Do 1 marketing activity every single day

No ifs, no buts, no maybes. If you want your business to continue growing, do a marketing activity every single day.

  • Be interviewed on a podcast.
  • Start your own podcast.
  • Write a great article.
  • Pitch a magazine.
  • Write a newsletter.
  • Ask someone for a testimonial.
  • Make a short video for your website explaining what you do & how you help people.
  • Start an affiliate program.
  • Do a joint venture with a business associate.
  • Keep note on every single question clients ask you, and write a blog post answering each one of them.

There are a billion and one ways you can market your business. What’s important is DOING them, working out what works for you and your audience, and building on those successes!

6 :: Create a deadline

We humans are a funny, miraculous species. We have invented Moleskines and pavlovas (excellent choices) and genocide and Q-Anon (disastrous life choices).

We also don’t like to make decisions. We’d rather put that off until… tomorrow. Or next week. Until we forget we even need to make a decision. Which is tricky when you’ve got a business, and you want people to buy now… but they are thinking about maybe putting it off until laterz.

Which is where deadline marketing can come in handy. Deadline marketing forces your peeps to make a clear YES or NO decision when it comes to buying your product.

How do you create a deadline?

  • Have a sale for a set period of time
  • Have limited edition products (i.e. only 100 art prints available and no more will be printed)
  • Run live rounds of programs where everyone needs to enrol by a certain date
  • Have an early bird discount for a set period of time
  • Close sales on that product for a few months (or the rest of the year)
  • Offer bonuses for a set period of time

Make sure you market this deadline heavily, and include a timer on your sales page so peeps know it’s a DECIDE NOW kinda thang. Shit or get off the pot.

Which reminds me…

You’ve got a week left to get my Sales Star masterclass. If you are keen to see your business grow and make you more profit… ya need it! Like… yesterday!

And in other handy life advice, remember that knives don’t belong in toasters… APPARENTLY.

Big love & abundance,


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