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Hey loves!

If you’re a dedicated workbookaholic (or even just workbook-curious), I’m pretty sure you’re going to shi* your pants with excitement over this!!!!

Just for 7 days, I’m opening up a wild, crazy, magical pre-order sale for 2016 workbooks + diary/planner!!!

Check out the massive magical pre-order sale here!


P.S. The Ultra Wild Mega Crazy 2016 Workbook + Diary/Planner Pre-Order SALE is only on for the next 7 days. After that… I won’t be offering them at this price ever again.

I am NOT going to be offering this deal again for the 2016 workbooks. Buy now and DON’T kick your self later.

Instead, be smug that you’ll be able to thank your July past self for grabbing such a magical deal!