Hey love,

A question, from the crowd.

How do you CHOOSE?

What if I have many passions, and many heart-callings?

Many ideas wanting me to grow them?

Many little biz baby ideas that are all stretching their arms out to me, begging?

So many things that want your attention, all at once.

How do you choose just one?

When I started out, I tried out many different jobs.

I also studied many different subjects at 3 different universities: economics, policy studies (I wanted to be Prime Minister of Australia), art history, journalism, philosophy, psychology, literature, anthropology… the list goes on. I am the very definition of multi-passionate! I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I just tried them all. Tried them to find what I adored + what I didn’t.

I also worked as a finance assistant, a receptionist, a database entry clerk, a personal assistant, a web editor and a public servant.

They weren’t positions that reflected my heart’s calling, but I kept working at whatever called to my soul in my non-working hours. Those jobs taught me SO MUCH in

At night + on weekends, I made art, I took photographs. I shared them online – first on my favourite message board, then I started my own blog 11 years ago. People started wanting to buy my art, and commission pieces from me. It made me so happy to be doing the things – making the art and taking photos – that called to my soul.

I kept following my soul’s call with dedication.

Some of the things I did:

  • I ran a women’s circle.
  • I held a women’s retreat, when I’d never even been to one before.
  • I trusted that I would know how, and so I did.
  • I began photographing women as goddesses, weddings + pregnacious goddesses.
  • I took an illustration course at night.
  • I made dozens of art journals
  • I kept growing in love with my love
  • I travelled in India for a month + went to Uluru on a spiritual retreat
  • I had adventures + a ridunkulous amount of fun.
  • I created art and sold it, I ran market stalls and learned that they’re not for me – I enjoyed selling art online much more.
  • I learned about exchanging money for what I did, as an exchange honouring the energy involved in creating.

I kept playing until I eventually found a way of creating + living + working that resonated so beautifully for me + the life I wanted.

I learned the big soul lesson:

you’ll learn what you need along the journey. It will ALL be useful.

So when you think about finding the one thing you need to do to succeed, I want to tell you the biggest and best secret of all: do what calls to you now.

Do it, follow that call until the next one comes. Then do that.

Play. Discover. Try out the things you are longing to try.

Let it be the thing that obsesses you, that you wake up thinking about, and go to bed dreaming of. Make time to follow the call. And create madly while you do it. Let it speak through you into the world.

Each job I had, each subject I studied, got me closer and closer to my dreams.

I was circling around and around, the spiral getting tighter with each turn – leading me into the heart of myself and what I am here to do in this world.

And I don’t mean that I wasn’t here to do any of the things I did along the way!

Every. Single. One. of those things taught me skills and lessons that helped me to learn what I needed to learn to get where I am now.

I am so incredibly grateful for those times, places and people who made me who I am.

Becoming the custodian of my own dreams and my own business has been such a huge gift in my life.

I adore that I get to do the thing in the world that is my soul’s gift & my heart’s longing.

I gave myself the gift of following my dreams. I made it possible.

And I know it’s possible for you, too.

You don’t have to choose between your passions

You can be multi-faceted.

You can be multi-passionate AND successful.

It’s not an either/or situation.

I hope this helps, dear ones.

All you need do is bloom. Create. Share.

Big love,

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