Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

This week is the last week of the Biz & Blog Goddess Workshop!

Today I’ll be telling you all the most important ways I’ve gotten all my blog readers, and tomorrow we’ll end with All the Goddess’ Secrets: an epic Q&A!!! Weeeoooo!

Let the magic commence!!!

Blog blog blog!

So blogging has been the centrepin of my business since the very beginning… it’s where I started six years ago as a fun lil hobby, and it’s now the engine that my business runs on. It’s the place my tribe gathers. It’s where goddesses get to know me and fall in love with me.

And I’m very grateful to have all the wonderful readers I have.

I’m *so* passionate about blogging, and wanted to share with you the seven most important things that have helped my blog soar.

1. Pour your heart out.

This is the important thing.

The one that the rest doesn’t matter if you don’t do this.

Photograph if you love to photograph. Video blog. Write exceptional articles as much as you can.

Don’t hold back. Write the very best you can.

Make yourself cry with your own writing.

I know I’ve done my job when I read back over something I’ve read and I get goosebumps and a happy smile and an ooooooh!!!

Think of the most inspiring blog you know.

How could you make your own blog more inspiring?

What would The Most Perfect Blog In The World To You look like?

Why don’t you make it?

2. Keep in contact.

Hey ho, mailing list central! A lot of people don’t want to subscribe by RSS. They want to get newsletters from you.

If you haven’t got one, go get a free one from www.mailchimp.com.

If you have got one, and you’re stuck about what to send out to it, try:

  • Re-publishing your favourite blog posts & adding what services you offer
  • Creating a free email e-course
  • Only sending out to announce courses
  • Writing love letters to your readers like they are your dearest & best friends
  • Hard selling, just to see what works for you
  • Soft selling, just to see what works for you
  • Sending newsletters once a month
  • Sending newsletters once a week
  • Create something magical that can be forwarded on and on and on. Posters. Downloads. PDFs. Meditations.
  • If it’s not working, try something new.

Have you gotten the picture yet?

There’s not one way of doing your mailing list send-outs.

If it’s not profitable or bringing you joy, why don’t you try something else?

I think I’ve gone through about a bazillion incarnations of what I do with email newsletters. Some days I think of chucking it in… and then I remember…

If it’s not working, try something new.

So many of my goddess readers prefer newsletters to RSS… so I just need to connect with them where they are.

3. Forums

I used to hang out in forums a lot, and this is where I got my start in blogging. I would find communities of people who loved and adored the same thing I did – they were soul sisters.

And I’d turn up. Share my gifts. Be true. Share my story. I’d dive in – not as a strategy – but because it lit me up.

They were the formation of my tribe. They were the first ones to buy my artwork. The ones who told me they adored my writing. The ones who encouraged everything I did.

Six years later, many of my readers are still goddesses from those early days in forums.

4. Guest blog

Peeps talk about this a lot. And so I’d dutifully write down on my To Do List, month after month: Write a guest blog.

And month after month, I didn’t do it. It just didn’t sing to me.

I’ve increased my tribe of gorgeous goddesses by 20% in *one month* thanks to one thing:

I started writing articles for other blogs.

Goddesses need to find out about you dearest.

You need to show up and glow your light in different places so goddesses can find you!!!

5. Hang on Twitter and Facebook.

50% of my traffic comes from Twitter and Facebook.

Let me repeat that:

50% of my traffic comes from Twitter and Facebook.

People are hanging out there.

You need to go there and show up for them to see you and hear your gifts.

Imagine them as the busy cafes in the village… you go there to hang out, meet beautiful souls & share about what you do.

Go. Play. Talk about what you do and why you love it. Love other people.

6. WordPress plugins that help!

On a technical level, I’ve tried out a bazillion different WordPress plugins to see what ones have the most amount of impact for creating new readers.

Two years & over 50 widgets later, I’ve narrowed it down to two:

If you’ve only just started coming to my site, you’ll get a little message at the top of my post that says something like:

Hola gorgeous goddess! If you’re new here & want regular goddess goodness in your life, you may like to subscribe by RSS or get my posts by email. Thank you for being you dearest heart!

It’s a simple lil reminder for people to subscribe by RSS, and it only appears for the first five visits.

I use this one for my Facebook & Twitter & Stumbleupon share buttons.

A note on Facebook like/share buttons: personally, I’m not a fan of just the Facebook “Like” button. If people reallllly like it and find it beautiful or helpful, they’d want to share it along to show and help the peoples they love. So I heart the Facebook “Share” instead.

7. Your path will be utterly different from mine.

All of these points may be absolutely not right for you.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Find the way that works and sings to you.

I’ve tried commenting on other blogs – people recommend it all the time. It’s not for me.

You might not like doing any of these things.

What you WILL do, is keep finding what works for you.

What makes you happy, what lights you up, and what lights other people up as well.

You’ll find your path. For what works for you today.

And that will be the right one.

Most of all, I want you to know that I believe in you, and the power of your gifts and your story.

You have so much to share with the world, and I really want to wave rainbow encrusted pom poms & bounce about in a crinkly short skirt chanting your name.

Yes you CAN do it.

Dearest, beautiful you.

I want to hear your story. I want to know what gifts you have to share. I want to read the stuff that is you. I want to learn from you.

Please turn up and write and share and create all the miracles that are inside you.

I need to hear them.

All my love, always,