Hello beautiful,

You have a wonderful idea. A business dream. And you don’t have a website.

Or you’ve got one that you made and you don’t like it.

Or you’ve got one that someone else made for you and you have no idea how to edit it.

I see it way, way too much.

And you know what?

I really, really, really want to see you living your beautiful dream. I want to see what beautiful gifts you have to offer the world.

Goddess website

The landing page of one of my first websites! 2005! Adorable Retro!

So I’m going to give you the simplest instructions in the world to get you a website made. Today.

It’s free. It’s ding dang easy. It will get you started. It will not look like crap.

(Meanwhile – this is totally not a sponsored post. This is a Leonie Sponsored Post Because She Wants To See Your Beautiful Gifts Being Shared With The World.)

This is exactly what I did years ago, and it was perfect.

It’s not WordPress, but guess what? WordPress is hard and fiddly (and I’m saying that as a goddess geek who has been fiddling around with websites for years). Wait until you are making a buttload of money, and then you’ll be rich and famous and will hire someone to do WordPress for you.

But today?

Today, let’s make MAGIC happen dearest.

Let’s get you a beautiful website.

Goddess Leonie’s Guide To Making A Free, Non Sucky Website For Your Dream like, TODAY

1. Go to www.weebly.com. TODAY.

2. Sign up for a free account. TODAY.

3. Choose a template. TODAY.

4. Make these pages:

  • BLOG as your homepage.
  • An ABOUT page with a smiling picture of you.
  • A SHOP page with your goodies. (Or if you don’t have your goodies and services ready yet, don’t put it up yet. Put it up when it’s ready.)
  • A CONTACT ME page. (TODAY)


6. Start telling people where to find you! TODAY.

Go now, dearest heart.

The world needs your beautiful gifts.


(tee hee… did I make my point? I’m so subtle like that.)


P.S. This week’s the last week of the Biz & Blog Goddess workshop!

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I so hope this series has been inspiring & helpful dearest!!! To your gorgeous & shining success!!! love love love!