A beautiful, beautiful day.

Woke up to so many wonderful comments

on my post of yesterday at the MMB.

A few even said ~

write your book. get thee to a publisher.

Ohmygosh. A book?

A writer?

My dream, yes.

It has made me think…

I could do it!

Walking about in a daydream this morning.

Leonie. A writer.

Such a beautiful beautiful thought.

Went to the library, got a couple of books on publishing.

Baby steps to making a creative dream real.

Then… Serendipity Struck!

At last moment, Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the

Om Shanti College Wellbeing Festival.

We hadn’t been to the area before so it was a lovely adventure!

The festival was small, but good.

I had a free massage with a lovely chick ~

her last name was Saint (she was)

& she was adopting a child from Korea…

she had such a peaceful energy about her

breathing in time to strokes

healing hands

often her hand just lay on me

and still I felt them healing

a warm wondrous energy

my own hands feeling alive.

Then she massaged my feet.

I’ve got really ticklish feet and don’t usually allow them to be touched.

But I did.

I can’t say how exquisite it was.

It really unblocked something ~

there were sore spots…

and I found myself welling up in tears

not from pain

but because it released something intangible.

It was beautiful.

Then, as we walked out,

we looked down the street

and there was a simple sign ~

The Hierophant.

We followed it.

Up the stairs.

Down a corridor filled with colourful paintings.

And then we were in a store

that was immediately “our store.”

Filled with crystals,

a whole wall of apothecary goods ~ herbs and brown bottles

cards ~ goddess cards, angel cards, bhagavad cards, tarot cards

books books books.


Ever since we moved down here from North Queensland,

we have been looking for a spiritual bookstore,

the equivalent of Airlie Beach’s “Sanctuary”

where the books smell of incense.


The Hierophant is a gorgeous store…

with a maze of wooden bookshelves,

brimming with new age delights

a long wooden bench with “hierophant” carved into it ~

to sit and admire the view of books.

Filled with people of gentle natures & alternative views

not in a rush

just enjoying

I am delighted.

We dawdle down the street

two organic food stores

massage centres

yoga places

friendly stray dogs…

we realise it is a hippy street!


Home again.

We are charged with ethereal energy

We burn Nag Champa and listen to Millenium Bell.

We look through Chris’ new Bhagava Gita cards.

We laugh, and we dance.

I think of goddesses.

Then, I think of the yang to our yin ~ gods.

Men. Our lovers, our friends…

and yet we see them as a different society to us.

We rejoice in our goddessness,

the close friendships we make with other women,

and we roll our eyes and say “Men!” when we are annoyed.

And yet…


Today I thought of them in history.

Secret men’s business. Powerful. Empathic. Energy.

The phallic sign of totems.

They are the earth to our air.

I honour the presence of Gods in my life today.

Especially my God.

The God who puts me on a Little River Band CD

and dances me around the room.

Invents dances called “The Washing Cycle” and “Spin Cycle”

Laughs, telling me for my birthday,

he is making me a romantic dinner of chicken and breadrolls and Coke.

I laugh hysterically.

Yes, my God.

My companion, my lover, my friend.

The God to my Goddess.

Today, what a wonder*full day.