Have my exam tomorrow.

I am a sponge.

I am soaking up knowledge.

I am a knowledge sponge.

I can do this.

I can intake vast amounts of knowledge.

I am enjoying this.


Then, after this.

I am flying free.

Running headlong into my birthday.


Am telling my brain:

You are Ginormous.

You are Astounding.

Love your work baby.

I’ll feed you words and herbal tea,

and then tomorrow, together,

we shall expunge all the words onto paper

we shall set them free and let them live a new life.

We’ll see the questions on the paper,

and we shall select those that are right for us.

And we will write our little hearts out, won’t we?

We’ll find the words,

remember the knowledge,

see the coloured answers in our minds eye.

We can do this.

We’ll rock this place.

And we’ll boogy out of there.

We’ll do a happy dance and frolic back to work.

ho ho ho.

There’s so much ahead of us, oh brilliant brain.

Let’s get dancing!

Until then, back to the books.